Addition of Resource Documents

In the “Resource Downloads” page, two new PDF documents have been added which will be of use in the State Sovereignty debate. These both come from “A Political Text Book for 1860″, and contain some writings from early leaders who debated the issue of Constitutional Rights. The first document “Duties and Powers of the Supreme Court (Various speeches)” contains Thomas Jefferson’s and John Taylor’s thoughts, as well as two interesting cases in which Virginia and Pennsylvania in 1788 and 1814 supported very soundly in favor of the State Government.

The second document “Daniel Webster’s 1830 Speech against State Sovereignty” is one of the more famous speeches in which Daniel Webster debates Mr. Hayne in 1830 in regards to the Constitution and the State. This is particularly fascinating from the stance of learning what some of the thoughts were during this time in support of Federal expansion, and will be helpful in raising awareness of certain views that may be espoused against State Sovereignty in the present day. As always, contact Missouri Tenth if you have questions about any of these resources, or if there are concerns over the material. Every attempt has been made to present it fairly and as accurately as possible! Your comments are welcome!

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