American Government: A simplified guide

Although it may seem like our modern-day Federal Government is a confusing entity, with a trillion dollar presidential budget, over 500 governmental agencies, 15 cabinet departments (with numerous smaller agencies), and executive powers which aren’t specifically defined in Article II of the Constitution – know that it wasn’t always this way! Our government, through the Constitution, was designed to be accessible, and a true partner to the people and the communities which it served. And in this same spirit, Missouri Tenth is proud to offer American Government: A simplified guide. Don’t be confused by phrases like Sovereignty, Federalism, or Social Compact Theory, but gain confidence in learning through this professionally designed 16 page PDF document. With comparison charts, quick facts, and outlines over the main components of our government, you’re sure to gainĀ  a better understanding on the history of our nation, the gradual influence of Federalism, and how our government works. Download this document at the link above, or through the Resource Downloads link – and armed with knowledge, you’ll be ready to cross swords with the deceptions and half-truths espoused by progressives, secularists, leftists, and socialists.

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