Farming and Agriculture – the heart of Missouri

If you’re here because you recently saw the ad to the left, which appeared in the Platte County Landmark – welcome! Or maybe you saw our Nullify Now! button at Missouri Political News Service. Either way, we hope that you’ll agree that its about time we talked about the important issues which impacts each person in our community – in this case, farming and agriculture. Mostly in the realm of big business in more recent times, the farming and agricultural communities of years prior were thriving communities of close-knit families who provided not only for their needs – but the needs of their neighbors. And as a government on a small scale (through the family and community design), people were nurtured through a connection with the land, their parents and siblings, and a sense of accomplishment that urbanized environments can’t possibly duplicate. As increased Federal regulations have raised the costs associated with modern farming today, families in these rural communities aren’t able to succeed like they once were.  The answer? Help the state of Missouri regain control over our small towns and farming communities, and promote the livelihoods of her people in ways that only our people can know how to do. Perhaps referred to as a “Jeffersonian” ideal, this belief in our communities – as opposed to an urban people lost amongst a sea of anonymity – is one in which we all can benefit through limited government, and the wise application of responsible behavior. As Missourians, we have an inalienable right to a partnership with government that works for us.

As this series of advertisements are designed to help promote discussion, and let folks know that we’re attempting to work for you, we hope you’ll keep an eye out for the other ads we hope to run in the weeks to come. But most importantly, join in the discussion, or find out how you can be involved in protecting our heritage and freedom from Federal abuse! More to come soon….

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