Mike Kelly: I’m talking to you as an American

In the era of teleprompters, and leadership requiring a legion of speech-writers ready at hand to create butter-coated words of all taste and no sustenance, it comes as a pleasant surprise to hear a man who can truly deliver words without the baloney. As reported on “The Blaze“, Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Penn., is pulling out all the stops and dropping loads of common sense on Congress. During a mark-up session of the House Workforce and Education Committee Wednesday, Kelly dressed down his Democratic colleagues for neglecting one of their central duties as members of Congress: planning a budget.

“You ever wonder why the public opinion of Congress is so low? If you want to start the re-election campaign, and the strategy for it for 2012, that’s fine. But how about we just fix what’s broken. Let’s quit pointing fingers at each other, and let’s quit spending money we don’t have. Let’s not keep borrowing money and using our children as co-signers, and let’s stop railing against the really wealthy – cause I’ve got to tell you something. As a guy who’s had to pay his whole way his whole life, I’m greatly offended by the idea that somehow, somebody in Washington knows better how to spend my money than I do, and that somebody in Washington knows how to regulate me until I can’t even borrow money anymore.

So when you want to sit back and talk about these wealthy, evil people – you want them to spend money? Make their future certain. You saw the up-tick in the economy in December? It’s because of the extension of what we had. It wasn’t because of an increase in taxes, but because the private sector had money to put back in. I’ve gotta tell you something gentleman. Only in this beltway are we so far out in la-la land that we don’t understand that if America is truly going to recover, it’s going to be by Americans that make those decisions. Not by Republicans and not by Democrats.

It’s irresponsible to sit here and continue to talk about a budget that you don’t like, verses a budget you didn’t have the courage to put before the public last Fall. And to force us into doing continuing resolutions – why? Because you didn’t have the stomach to do what was right, and because you had an election sitting in front of you. And I mean it. I’m not talking to you as a Republican, I’m talking to you as an American. This happened on our watch, it has to be fixed on our watch. And to keep kicking it down the road and pointing the finger at the other side – my goodness. Have we fallen that far that we don’t understand where responsibility lies?

I got to tell you it is so disappointing, coming out of the private sector, and I mean working, not just while we’re in session, seven days a week, twelve months a year, 365 days a week. I’m telling you that it takes, when you’re in the private sector, every day of your life. When it’s your own skin in the game, when you gotta worry more about how to put the rabbit in the hat, rather than how easy it is to pull it out – our policies make Houdini look like an amateur. We don’t understand what it is that made this country great. It is the private sector. It isn’t people elected who come in here and come up with these ridiculous arguments. You want to fix America? Let’s work together to fix America.

You want to talk about keeping Pell Grants sustainable? Don’t make promises you can’t keep. We keep telling people, “Oh don’t worry about it – we have the money”. We don’t have the money! We borrow 42 cents on every dollar we spend. My God, what are we thinking about? We are past the midnight hour. We are whistling going past the graveyard. it’s gotta be fixed, and it’s gotta be bipartisan because it won’t work any other way. I understand that. And coming from a guy in the automotive industry, I do know one thing – I had more regulations on me to change five quarts of oil in my service department, than BP did to sink a hole in the gulf of Mexico. We’ve got to shred every document, every day that we talk to a person, because if not – there’s an 11,000 fine to leave that stuff on our desk. Because somebody may come in from the Government and find you not in compliance.

1.7 trillion dollars a year extra operating expense to meet all the different regulations. You want to find the money to take care of all these social programs? It’s out there. Just don’t put it in ridiculous regulations. Don’t make promises to people we can’t keep. If I did that to my kids, they’d be upset. And I tell you what, I’m not going to sit at another Thanksgiving dinner table, a Christmas dinner table, or any other time, and look across the table at my kids, and tell them I didn’t love you enough to do something about it. We’ve got to fix it.”

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