Missouri’s China Hub grinds to a halt

As reported by Missouri First: “Senate President Pro Tem Rob Mayer has announced that the Senate will adjourn sine die (for good) without final passage of the China Hub bill. Considering the fact that just two months ago everyone thought passage was a sure thing, this is a HUGE victory for the patriot movement! The many visits, calls, emails and witness forms from patriots all across Missouri were instrumental in securing success.”

Thinking BIG, works!
Missouri Patriots should be encouraged. Through our efforts, we’ve managed to bring awareness to such important issues as:

  • Prop C (71% passage at the polls)
  • Our refusal to accept the “ordained” president pro tem of the Senate (for the first time in 30 or 40 years there was a successful coup!)
  • In the last legislative session you helped killed bad legislation: bills calling for a Constitutional Convention, setting up an Obamacare Insurance Exchange, eliminating the electoral college, and reducing the size of the House of Representatives.
  • We’ve began a serious dialogue about nullifying unconstitutional federal laws and have advanced bills to that end.
  • Through dedicated efforts like the folks at the Show-Me Institute, we’ve played a major role in stopping the China-Hub bill, which seemed like a  “sure thing” in regards to the many millions of dollars and high powered lobbyists behind it! (See the Aerotropolis Case Study)

Said Ron Calzone, “We’re on a roll! The lesson for us is that there’s no need to think small. We can make big things happen – if we work together!”

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3 Responses to Missouri’s China Hub grinds to a halt

  1. spinoza1111 says:

    If the majority always gets its way, this merely implied for Madison that there exists a minority whose rights are being ignored. By using the Internet to terrorize politicians you are ensuring merely that they overrepresent you and underrepresent the rest of Missouri.

    • Craydo says:

      Sure, there’s always a minority, or even a majority who doesn’t have the same rights as another class. Children are one. As for politicians, I don’t plan on voting for game-players, but governmental leadership that’s ready to get to work for Missouri. And what’s this, you ask? Why, the limiting of Federal centralization, and the restoration of our Republic. Complicated, perhaps. However, it’s a concept that many of us grasp – and this is saying “no” to anything on a Federal or State level that is unconstitutional. Perhaps you should pick up a copy of “The Original Constitution” by Robert G. Natelson.

  2. Craydo says:

    You say Representative Democracy, I say Constitutional Republic. You say foolishness and business thugs, I say wisdom and capitalism.

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