Missouri Consent of the Governed Rally

Rally Day: Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jefferson City, MO — 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Speakers: Dave Roland, Rep. Ed Emery, David Linton, and Ed Martin

To citizens eager to see an end of “politics as usual” there is nothing more frustrating than seeing their senator or rep voting for bills because “the leadership says so” or “you vote for my bill and I’ll vote for yours.”

Some of those rascals just need to be sent packing in November, but some of them are good folks dealing with issues they just don’t know how to handle — they need some principled “tools” to help guide them to the right decisions. You can be a key component in providing those tools.

Here’s two things you can do to that end:

1) Learn how the first five clauses of the Missouri Constitution can guide a legislator on 95% of the issues he faces.

2) Develop a relationship with legislators, especially your own, so you can “help” him apply principles in those first five clauses and also hold him accountable for doing so.

This coming Wednesday is your opportunity to do both at the 2nd annual Consent of the Governed Rally at the Capitol in Jefferson City.

There, four excellent speakers will explain how the Preamble and Sections 1 through 4 of the Missouri Bill of Rights form the foundation for all of Missouri governance and constitute a simple formula for evaluating legislation. You’ll then have an opportunity to help present a framed parchment of those clauses to your representatives and explain to them that We’re From the People and We’re Here to Help!

Wednesday, Jan., 4 is the opening day of session and an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself, share the issues you are most passionate about, and learn what makes your representative or senator tick.

Tactful face-to-face communication is the number one way YOU can build influence with public officials. Our subtle message will be that we can be the statesman’s best friend – but a nemesis to politicians who insist on destroying the Republic! We want to encourage them to stand again the tide–to stand with citizens and not lobbyists.

To see a similar version of the Missouri Constitution that will be presented at the Rally, please click Principals of Missouri Governance, or look for it alphabetically under the Resource Downloads tab.

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