Blinded by Science

Rep. Rick Brattin

In Sunday’s Kansas City Star (Sunday, January 15, 2012 – page A4 “Science Debate Emerging”), Jason Hancock, the Star’s Jefferson City Correspondent writes that Rep. Rick Brattin’s bill (HB1227)is raising a few concerns on a local and national level.

Predicatably, Josh Rosenau, Program and Policy Director for the National Center for Science Education said that, “Intelligent Design is a Religious philosophy, not a science.” Rosenau furthers believes that the science of evolution isn’t in dispute. Francis Eberle, executive director of the National Science Teacher’s association agrees. Despite Eberle’s capability to intelligently design his own words, he states that, “There is no evidence to support intelligent design.”

Rosenau subscribes to the philosophical belief (ironically) that teaching intelligent design next to evolution is unconstitutional – as decreed from our black-robed, deities of the United States Federal Courts. For instance, after a school district in Dover, PA required intelligent design education to be taught, the Judge believed it violated the holy-of-all-holies…the Constitutional separation of Church and State.

But as Rep. Brattin states on his Facebook page, “About HB 1227, It requires that “intelligent design” and “biological evolution” be taught and for both to have equal time in the classroom, and that the teaching of both remain objective. For those in the scientific community to say that evolution is all 100% fact is obsurd. And forcing those who believe in intelligent design ( Gallup nationwide polling is more than 90% of Americans) to only be taught only biological evolution is WRONG. And for those who are so certain of their beliefs in evolution, what do you have to worry about?”



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