Christianity in America: No King but Caesar?

lazySeriously. Are Christians in the United States overly worried about Socialism and the rise of Big Government? They should be. Because when the Church neglects Christ and the truth He represents, humanity’s interaction within Government, Church, family or business takes something good – and quickly twist it for selfish gain. This is what’s happening today throughout Western Civilization, and it may very well be that Christians, complacent in their support of Governmental expansion, are the ones to blame.

Now you may be the product of Government school, or grown up in a “church” that just barely adheres to any form of Biblical truth. But either way, let’s be honest – and consistent – with our beliefs. Many so-called Christians may frown at the Revolutionary Reign of Terror, when French Jacobins beheaded more clergy than nobility, or shift uncomfortably in their seats when reading about Hitler or Stalin’s heavy-handed control and persecution towards the Church of their day. But if Christians are tucking their head between their legs waiting for the end to come, or placing their trust in Government as savior (as opposed to the truth of the Bible) – they will one day stand before God, and give answer in the same manner as the servant with his unused talent (Matthew 25: 24-30).

As Bill Flax, a Baptist, banker and weekly contributor for states in his article “Government is a Christians Worst Friend” at Real Clear, “Christians have grown inured, supportive even of government’s relentless expansion. This may partly reflect biblical teaching that Believers submit to worldly authorities; we yield to Caesar what is Caesar’s. Perhaps it represents misguided patriotism, a longing to support our nation manifested as trusting government.”

But what about when “Caesar” seeks to supplant the God-ordained rules of family, church, and community, and replace them with the tenants of Atheism, Socialism, and Secularism? Does the Biblical admonition of Romans 13 still apply? Absolutely, but it should be understood that Caesar is not a creator of law – but a custodian of it. Although Caesar may attempt to “rule” in God’s place by rejecting to give God what is His, the nation and the people allowing this to happen will ultimately receive the tyranny which is theirs.  As Mr. Flax stated in the above article, “God instituted governance around family, church and community each bearing specific responsibilities, sovereign within its sphere. As these go askew, the moral firmament slips leaving man’s base instincts unchecked. Cultural chaos ensues.”

In our nation, when our leaders swear to uphold our Constitution as a legal contract between a nation and her people, they should do so recognizing that foundational law supersedes their popularity, personal agenda, party affiliation, or legal precedent. John Mark Reynolds, professor of philosophy for Biola, writes in “Why Christians favor small government” that, “American Christians reject any king, but King Jesus. We reject any theocracy before King Jesus returns, because humans would have to run it. We long for justice tempered with mercy and we will vote for the man or woman who will give us a government small enough to allow liberty, but big enough to preserve it.”

If you truly claim to follow the teachings of Christ – there’s simply no excuse for complacently sitting on the fence while the world literally goes to hell in a hand basket. Please continue to pray for your community, leadership, and learn what the Bible says about your proper responsibilities in helping maintain your family, church community, Business, and Government. Meanwhile, please consider carefully who to give your vote for in the upcoming election in November.

Mitt Romney – Club for Growth states that Romney, “has developed an unshakeable reputation as a flip-flopper…After a career in business, quickly finding a “solution” seems to be his goal, even if it means more government intrusion as a means to an end. To this day, Romney supports big government solutions to health care and opposes pro-growth tax code reform…” Meanwhile in “Romney Backs Interrogation, Patriot Act” at, it’s noted that “Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said more intense methods of CIA interrogation are acceptable in dealing with terrorism and he praised the broad powers granted law enforcement under the USA Patriot Act.”

Rick Santorum - At, Erik Erickson wrote in “What a Big Government Conservative Looks Like”, that while Santorum may be right on social issues, he’s “never let his love of social issues stand in the way of the creeping expansion of the welfare state.  In fact, he has been complicit in the expansion of the welfare state.” The following link “Rick Santorum: Big Government Conservative” is a two page PDF featuring Mr. Santorum’s more disturbing stances on Big Government (as seen through his voting record). It’s provided in this format so that you can print it off and share with a friend.

Ron Paul - “We’ve slipped away from a true Republic. Now we’re slipping into a fascist system where it’s a combination of government and big business and authoritarian rule and the suppression of the individual rights of each and every American citizen.” – Ron Paul at Kansas City, Feb 18, 2012. Please click Ron Paul: Seven Frequently Asked Questions to read Ron Paul’s words on Christianity, Limited Government, Restoring the Republic, Constitutional Interpretation, his response to accusations of racism, medicine and medicaid, and much more.

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2 Responses to Christianity in America: No King but Caesar?

  1. Rick Santorum is a godforesaken fraud

  2. spinoza1111 says:

    You want a “Christian” America and you want to be left alone, is the essence of your message. It makes no sense.

    Paul sells you the unworkable solution and is unelectable. Santorum has made a case against contraception in a country where 99% of women use contraception, and the Protestant churches don’t even condemn the use of contraception.

    The Republican party is self-destructing.

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