Republican Clay County Caucus: Sloppy, Repressive, and a Mockery of Liberty

“We believe government governs best when it governs least. We believe that all political power is vested in and derived from the people; that all government originates from the people, is founded upon their will only, and is instituted solely for the good of the whole…” -From draft of 2012 Mo. Republican Party Platform’s “Reclaiming America’s Future”

After today’s proceedings in Clay County, Missouri, the way the Establishment Republicans handled the caucus, and blocked 1/3 of the voice of Clay County individuals who attended – made clear the weren’t interested in limited government, or political power vested and derived from the people. Because what really happened was Establishment Republicans making clear that they were more interested in strong-arm politics.

But let’s be clear. When I say “Establishment Republicans”, what I mean is that real Republicans (no, not the party of Lincoln) would have allowed an opportunity for everyone to be fairly heard. With about 200 Paul supporters out of 600 hopeful of being given fair representation, Paul supporters were instead denied a voice nearly at every turn.

Concerns surfaced during the meeting, and afterwards, that Mr.Wierzbicki (Republican Party Chair), did not follow the Roberts Rules of Order, utilized it only when it suited their agenda, and often ignored calls for a “Point of Order” (with individuals seconding the Point). On another occasion during the proceedings, people were wanting clarification on delegates, and with the Chairman blatantly ignoring them – proceeded with a vote – one which few even knew what they were voting for. And to top it off, when Mr. Wierzbicki was asked about concerns over fair allocation of delegates (with reference to the State Caucus website), Wierzbicki held up a newspaper ad, and stated that the language used in the ad was what the meeting was being ran by.

Political Meanderings in Clay County states that, “By allowing these individuals to continue to be present and ignoring their persistent calls to be recognized through Robert’s Rules of Order he made the situation a little more chaotic than it needed to be. He should have either accepted their point of order and listened to whatever they had to say.”

As for the Republican Party in Missouri blocking or shutting down caucuses in order to repress certain voices (see links below), this is exactly the kind of tactics that various tyrannical regimes have applied towards those who want to be represented, and are denied. But seriously. Are Paul supporters in Clay County simply expected to trust that an ambiguous list of delegates would represent them? This is a serious election. Our nation is on the brink. We understand everyone loves their community and the not-so-united states. We all want to do what we can to help things be better. Many of those people at the Clay County Caucus today were denied that opportunity.

If the Republican Party isn’t careful, they’re going to lose the young, passionate people they so desperately crave. Because today, numerous young men and women spoke emotionally about “the nation going to Hell”, and imploring to be fairly represented, but  instead were met with snide remarks consisting of dogmatic, preconceived notions towards those who support the ideals of Constitutionally limited government. “We the People” indeed…

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5 Responses to Republican Clay County Caucus: Sloppy, Repressive, and a Mockery of Liberty

  1. Credence says:

    We encountered the exact same thing in Audrain county, MO. Our ” chairman” even went so far as to get up out of his seat, several times, to get in people’s faces and screaming at them to shut up and sit down. It was the most pathetic display of leadership I have ever seen. Ed Kreyling needs to be removed from that position. Permanently. In the end it was a tie vote, and our chairman broke tie for the Romney/Santorum/Gingrich slate. So frustrating.

  2. carknow32 says:

    Despite some folks claiming voter fraud (and perhaps in a few cases…maybe), I think the process has failed us. And by “us”, I mean everyone in Missouri – regardless of who you are voting for. Whenever people cannot be fairly represented, or have their voices heard by their Government – or Party officials – it’s a sign that things are gravely wrong. And we already know with NDAA suspension of habeas corpus, protests made illegal, and hints at peacetime martial law that things have gone very wrong. The question is, when are we going to have to reissue a declaration of independence – this time from the King in Washington?

  3. spinoza1111 says:

    …and yet you believe that local control by local thugs is the answer.

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