Toilet Tyranny?

toilDo you sometimes feel like your toilet may not be functioning correctly? If so, it might be the Government’s fault. Why? Because in 1992, the Energy Policy and Conservation Act was passed, which banned 3.5 gallon toilets in favor of toilets using only 1.6 gallons.

Sure saving water is a great cause, but what’s next? Regulating our diets? Oh wait. I guess they’re already doing that too. But the point is this: once Government believes it can over-regulate natural resources, what’s to keep them from regulating their “human resources” as well?

As Lesley Swann writes at the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, “Sometimes we forget that when the federal government violates the Constitution, it affects everyone’s day to day lives.  It’s not just some guy in a state far away having his rights violated, this kind of toilet tyranny trickles down to all of us.  You and me.  Every single day.”

It’s time to nullify this toilet tyranny on every issue – and not just with toilets.  This is why the work of the Tenth Amendment Center is so important.  When the federal government oversteps its boundaries, we don’t have to put up with their crap!  It is up to us to flush nullify these ridiculous laws at the state level.

To read more, please see: “The Poop and Plunge

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