An answer to unseating the Kansas City Cleaver?

Here at Missouri Tenther headquarters, we recently received a letter in the mail from the Turk for U.S. Congress campaign. Jacob Turk, who has long been working to unseat Cleaver in the fifth district, is a leader who has proven his integrity and honorable intentions for our community. Says Turk, “Our elected officials must uphold our Constitutional rights. That belief is the cornerstone of my campaign.”

But considering some of the recent shenanigans coming from Mr. Cleaver, a chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, former mayor of Kansas City, and Methodist minister – there’s reason to believe that Cleaver’s attention isn’t on upholding the rights of our people, but has instead been focused on his own fame and fortunes.

According to the article “Bank of America sues Cleaver” over at the Business Journals, “the Bank of America has sued Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., over a $1.46 million loan backed by the Small Business Administration. The SBA guaranteed 75 percent of the loan, so taxpayers could be on the hook for up to $1.1 million if Cleaver doesn’t work out his loan problems with the Bank of America.”

The Kansas City Star has also made a point to discuss Mr. Cleaver’s reputation by stating that, “U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver is by no means the only small business owner to fail to make good on a taxpayer-backed loan. But as a member of Congress, he has set a poor example of fiscal responsibility.”

For more information about Mr. Turk, and a possible answer to ending Cleaver’s irresponsible use of his leadership, please see Jacob Turk for Congress


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One Response to An answer to unseating the Kansas City Cleaver?

  1. I love that quote… “Jacob represents real change.” So true! I’m looking forward to saying farewell to Cleaver! Turk for Congress!

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