Missouri’s HB:1534 (Obamacare Nullification Bill) passes the Missouri House!

As of April 19, 2012, HB:1534 passed the Missouri House with a vote of 108 to 44! But the good news doesn’t stop there. Because when the absent Representatives who have committed to vote “yes” are able to do so, HB:1534 should have a veto-proof majority. (To see how your Missouri Representative voted, please see the following link: Ayes and Noes of 1534. If they voted “No”, you may wish to let them know your concern by sending them a polite message. Use the following link to look up your Missouri Representative.)

Additionally, it’s important to notice that when HB:1534 was “perfected” in the Missouri House several days ago (with a vote of 109 to 49) – there weren’t any amendments offered. This also is encouraging, as it means that the preferred language, consisting of a Jeffersonian style nullification of Obamacare (along with the arrest of federal officials who attempt to enforce Obamacare), was retained in the bill.

Now that the bill has been passed, it will begin a journey through the Senate – starting with a hearing that hopefully leads to it being taken up for Senate debate. Liberty activists should be ready to encourage the Senate to make this a high priority, as it may be hard finding a sponsor with the passion to get the job done.

Meanwhile, HB:1534 has started to receive a bit of attention from the press. For instance, The Kansas City Star writes in the article, “Missouri bill would ban implementing health care law” that “A Missouri House panel has endorsed legislation making it a crime for federal officials to attempt to enforce the 2009 federal health care overhaul in the state.”

And at Dailypaul.com, the headline, “Missouri to arrest any federal officials who attempt to enforce Obamacare” encourages readers to stand up and speak out in favor of this bill.

So please take a few minutes to thank those who have made this possible so far, and send them an email with “Thank you” in the subject line. Encouraging our leaders is just as important as jumping on them when they don’t do what they want, so let’s give credit where credit is due!

Don’t forget, that while HB:1434’s passage in the House is a meaningful victory – we’ll need to be ready to convince Senate leadership to also make healthcare liberty a priority for our people. For a refresher on the bill’s contents, please click HB1534.

The following are Tenth Amendment Center model bills and resolutions which are intended to reaffirm the proper role of government under the Constitution. Activists, we encourage you to send them to your state senators and representatives and ask them to introduce the legislation in your state.

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4 Responses to Missouri’s HB:1534 (Obamacare Nullification Bill) passes the Missouri House!

  1. Kyle P. says:

    Hey MO10th, how does this law not constitute a nullification bill? Such legislation has never been upheld by the courts of the United States. See United States v. Peters, 9 U.S. 115 (1809); Cohens v. Virginia, 19 U.S. 264 (1821); Prigg v. Pennsylvania, 41 U.S. 539 (1842); Cooper v. Aaron, 358 U.S. 1 (1958).

    • carknow32 says:

      Thanks for the comment. HB:1534 isn’t a law yet, but the language of the bill is very explicit in telling the Federal Government “No – we don’t want this in Missouri”. This is pretty much the basic essence of nullification. Additionally, there’s been cases where nullification has been very effective – perhaps one of the more effective is with the States who nullified the Fed’s Real ID act (take a look at this article from 07 at: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,249142,00.html). Either way, we are the people that allow our Government to have the power it does.

      • spinoza1111 says:

        In practice, state nullification today is ineffective, and it’s recreational politics. It will remain so until you get rid of Federal agents and then stop Federal troops at your state line, and this would be treason to the Constitution.

        California allows medical marijuana but Federal law does not. As long as Federal law forbids it, you need your local sheriff to confront the DEA on your lawn, assuming you have a lawn.

        Now get real. Do you think that your local sheriff will do that IN ALL CASES? No he will not.

        You can take back Federal power but the only way is the gun, and frankly, I do not think you have the heart for that. Furthermore you then become the suzerains of the people in your state such as are represented by the Southern Poverty Law Center who previously under the Constitution looked to Washington for racial equality. I don’t think you got the heart to run a dictatorship.

        Your Representatives and Senators pass Federal laws and you can elect different ones with like-minded citizens of your state. If these laws seem to you to contradict the Constitution, you can disobey them deliberately and have your case make its way through Federal courts up to the Supreme Court, a body which unlike your state legislature, has no direct interest in the outcome…although its members do have political views for which they do find legal justifications, and these views are reflected in their decisions.

        Beyond that you have Hobbes’ natural right to be Rambo.

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