What are we waiting for?

Let me start by saying there is always hope, and I’m proud that the brave banner of Missouri stands more proudly for liberty than any other State. But in the struggle for liberty from a tyrannical government that has become nearly King-like in scope and power – as Missourians, what are we waiting for?

Thankfully, we do have leaders in the Missouri Government who support the Jeffersonian principals of nullification, state sovereignty, and a Constitutional Republic – and who are working hard to free our people once again. But it may not be enough, as there are those in both branches of the Senate and House who seem content to not do much of anything, and stymie the efforts of those who do. But regardless, as the people of Missouri, are we doing our part? Are we taking the time to talk to our leaders, be active in our community, and network with fellow liberty-lovers? Or are we shirking the responsibility of action, and waiting for some overt act on the part of the Federal authorities before we decide? As if there hasn’t been enough overt action already?

If so, this attitude suits our Socialist/ Progressive/ Big Government foe perfectly – because unlike those who moan and twiddle their thumbs, they have a definite idea and aim in mind. While they leverage political intrigue and create misunderstandings and dissensions amongst the friends of liberty – they meanwhile accept even more Federal aid, and shackle us further to the nanny-state.

Missourians, your family, church, and community needs you! Are you ready to stand-up for your God-given rights? If so, there are a variety of ways for you to take your place amongst a long line of proud defenders of liberty in our State…

Contact your Missouri leaders:

Learn about Missouri History in our Resource Download section.

Contact your County Sheriff and let them know you hope they will stand for the State and Federal Constitution in your community.

Have a story, or would like to contribute? Let us know!

Network! The Liberty movement in Missouri must stand together, work effectively and efficiently, and set up meaningful lines of communication. Subscribe to Missouri Tenth so you stay up to date, and while you’re at it, “like” our Missouri Tenth Facebook page. Or send us an e-mail (or leave a comment), if you would like to be contacted personally.

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One Response to What are we waiting for?

  1. spinoza1111 says:

    One of the greatest Progressives in the United States was the great Republican Theodore Roosevelt, and he would find this passive “libertarianism” of yours beneath contempt. Coddled as a child because of his asthma, he realized as his doctors did not that the allergies were caused by the lifestyle to which modern Americans aspire, one of comfort and ease. So he got out into the wild and met real Americans to realize that the Republican message of laissez faire was merely producing wastrels.

    Therefore, like his contemporary Winston Churchill, a Liberal at that time, Roosevelt supported Federal assistance to community initiatives that would bypass the sort of rich wastrel who then and now uses his Daddy’s money to get elected to the state legislature and there, then and now, refuses Federal assistance to his state, because he wants his people to have NO alternative to working for him and his wastrel friends.

    You need in other words to be careful about using words with a basically positive connotation in a negative way, such as “progressive”.

    This type of language, which only works a bit better in oral use such as Hitler’s speeches, uses “liberal”, “intellectual”, “progressive” and other words with a sneer that is only implied in written text: one Fascist general was reduced to saying “down with intelligence!”

    Eventually it becomes nihilism. You have no language other than “liberty” (liberty to do what?). You only imply that you will use your liberty in all cases for good which shows a remarkable lack of self-knowledge.

    Your Jacksonian turn is that you know the right because you are God-fearing simple folk as opposed to these near-mythical female and black college professors who want to run your lives. Meanwhile, St Louis continues to follow Detroit because it makes little economic sense insofar as you refuse infrastructure that would create jobs. Chicago eats your lunch as it always has.

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