Police State Clashes with Protesters in Chicago

With the recent outburst of Police-State action in Chicago, while we’d hoped it wouldn’t come to this – we can’t say we didn’t know it was coming. With images coming not out of Iran or Egypt, but out of some of the Tenther communities own back yard, we’re witnessing a literal army of state and federal funded police, in riot gear bloodying faces, shoving people – and according to some reports – even running people over. So it’s understandable that the Liberty community is a little apprehensive that what we’re witnessing isn’t yet another exception to the rule – but a sign of things to come for every-day Americans in the near future.

And regardless of where Tenthers choose to stand on the Occupy movement, the escalating action on the part of the local, State and Federal Government is certainly worthy of condemnation in regards to obvious first-amendment Constitutional violations. Besides, with the majority of the protestors remaining peaceful, there’s only been a select number acting with violent intent – who according to Bernie LaForest, member of the Tenther Community, stated was “mostly from the anarchist crowd from the G8 summits.”

This illustrates that with very little provocation (and in some cases none at all), our Government no longer seems interested in protecting our constitutional rights, but willing to reduce us to a “commodity” status where individual freedom has been reduced to a foot-note in the Fed’s 20 volume set of Red-Tape laws. By monitoring our communications, searching and groping us at airports, watching us through highway cameras, indefinitely detaining us through NDAA provisions, and prohibiting our right to protest in the presence of our President – we’ve got to ask… Is this the behavior of a government whose duty is the wise administration of law and justice? Or has it become a tyrannical nanny-state only in keeping order supreme, and difficult debate at a minimum?

But, let’s be honest for a moment. While we may gasp and wag our finger at moments where Tyranny smacks us in the face, many of us will soon be back in front of the boob-tube, oblivious to the flames of Rome outside our door. It’s unfortunate that so many Americans have become a bit lazy in protecting our natural rights, and have instead opted for a life of ease and self-centered ambition. Which is sad, because although the pursuit of truth and education can be at times difficult and frustrating – the reward of personal growth and community betterment far outweigh any temporary satisfaction we might hope to bring ourselves.

To learn more about what’s going on according to RT.com, please see NATO protestors clash with Chicago police

There’s also a couple of live streams.

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