Tommy Davis: “Georgia Burns”

‘Nothing like a mushroom cloud to give shade to the dollar…and remind the world who runs things.’ The room went silent for a moment as it sank into the minds of all present that the chairman of the National Bank Reserve had just asked the president to use a nuclear weapon against a civilian target. —From the Prologue of Georgia Burns, by Tommy Davis

The president of the United States has just been re-elected, but his financial bail-out of a broke California creates a backlash across the country. In the state of Georgia, a new governor is elected on the promise to resist his overreaching power. The president attempts to fly into Atlanta to confront the governor but is shocked and humiliated when Air Force One is denied clearance to land by a governor determined to keep him out. So begins an epic power struggle that is bound to end in fire and blood.

Set in the author’s native state against the backdrop of current political unrest, Georgia Burns is so bizarre yet so realistic, it will keep you turning pages and losing sleep to get to the end. Well-crafted writing is sparked with twists yanked from today’s headlines — war with Iran, China’s dumping the dollar, financial collapse, militias rising, the Russian Mafia, Islamic terrorism, riots in the streets, The Lost Tybee Bomb, open battle on US soil…. Your heart will race as events spiral out of control, and you ask the question– Could this really happen in America?

Find out in this fast paced political thriller by Georgia author Tommy Davis. Georgia Burns — Book One of the series Rumors of War. Don’t miss it!

To order the book, or learn more, please see the following link: Georgia Burns

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