The Kansas Jayhawks: Proud Beginnings












With college basketball between Missouri and Kansas still flippantly referred to as “Border War”, and students at KU parading John Brown signs at KU basketball games, it’s interesting to consider why Kansas University continues to make use of the “Jayhawk” as a symbol of “higher learning”. Considering the “Jayhawker” during the actual Border War and War for Southern Independence was a murdering group of unprincipled men who robbed and killed their way through many Missouri and Kansas Communities – it can only be that Kansas University hopes that no-one remembers or cares about the innocent people who died at the hands of the “Jayhawker”. Besides, the “Jayhawk” today is quite marketable, with lots of bumper stickers, and plush stuffed animals.

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5 Responses to The Kansas Jayhawks: Proud Beginnings

  1. spinoza1111 says:

    In fact, the Kansas Jayhawkers were formed in response to Southern aggression. Wealthy Southern planters, gradually exhausting their soil through intensive cultivation of cash crops such as cotton and tobacco, knew that slavery must expand or die.

    For this reason, they not only violated the Tenth Amendment state’s rights of Northern free states by requiring those states to capture escaped slaves, they also sponsored military adventures such as the Mexican War and William Walker’s attempt to takeover Nicaragua in order to return Latin America to slavery…when it had shown itself more progressive than the USA in banning slavery.

    Further Southern aggression was the engagement of mercenary thugs known as Border Ruffians who meant to make Kansas a slave state. The Border Ruffians started a murderous civil war and it is in fact to their credit that the Jayhawkers were men who fought back.

    Until recently all Kansans were proud to be Jayhawkers. I guess you now would prefer to be called Ruffians.

    • Michaela says:

      The “Jayhawkers” were men that came together to protect the Kansas border from Border Ruffians (Missouri militants) who were crossing into Kansas to stuff ballot boxes in order to sway the free/slave vote that was taking place in Kansas. The first vote was indeed representative of the Missouri militant men succeeding in brutally making their way to the ballot boxes. Any rightful, law abiding, Kansas land holder that attempted to vote “free” was beaten and in many cases murdered by the border jumping thugs.

      The Kansas-Nebraska Act was an attempt at popular sovereignty rather than the Missouri Compromise, this new way of determining free or slave state created the stage for “Bloody Kansas”.

      Later Congress allowed Kansas a second vote, this time the “Jayhawkers” stood vigil at the border as well as the ballot boxes and defended their state. As we all know, Kansas became a “Free” state as did Nebraska.

      Many men died defending the moral belief that slavery was wrong…Missouri attempted to impress their own agenda on Kansas and they LOST.

      Bottom line, Missouri started the violence and Kansas ended it…this Kansas girl is proud to call herself a Jayhawker,

      • Adam T says:

        … you may want to do further research into your argument, it is very flawed and quite bias. You may want to actually read credible sources and not all the Kanas fiction your parents have been feeding all of you for so long. BTW if your so proud of your Kansas heritage you should really consider the effects of General Order 11 on the people of Missouri, but that sounds like it may be to much work for such a proud jayhawker as yourself.

        In an article in Kansas History entitled James H. Lane And The Origins Of The Kansas Jayhawk written by Frank Baron.

        “an individual who attacked an enemy, and the act of jayhawking defined as attacking or robbing proslavery enemies were understood as closely related concepts from the beginning” (Baron 120).

  2. Michael says:

    ‘Southern aggression.’ lol I guess that when Sherman burned Atlanta that was also in response to ‘Southern aggression.’ When Southern women were raped by Yankee troops that too was because of ‘Southern aggression.’ When Southern churches, homes and fields were destroyed it was all in response to ‘Southern aggression’ and therefore moral and ‘progressive.’ It’s hilarious how anti-Southern types try to turn attention away from the horrors committed by terrorists and criminals like John Brown, the Jayhawks and Sherman’s troops.

    • spinoza1111 says:

      Slavery itself was terror, and it was recognized as such under international law by the 19th century. Slavery was made illegal throughout Latin America outside Brazil (where it was made illegal in 1886). Slave traders were designated by multinational naval slave patrols as *hostes omnium gentium*, enemies of mankind who could be hunted down and killed by any privateer for a reward.

      This means that in preserving the slavery that powered the continued illegal slave trade, the United States sponsored terror. When legal means are exhausted and there is state terror then under the United States’ own founding documents terror such as John Brown’s and the (somewhat rare) terror of the Jayhawkers is justified.

      John Brown did nothing more than the “rude colonials” of Lexington and Concord when he broke into the armory at Harper’s Ferry to arm slaves. He should have received a medal.

      Southern women went in fear of rape because their menfolk destroyed marriage among slaves. Slavery is violence and a MAN fights back.

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