Searchable Map of Police Misconduct in Missouri

Law Enforcement in Missouri has an important job – not only in enforcing justice and protecting people from evil – but also in ensuring that the power we allow them is not abused. If you aren’t convinced of this – please take a look at the following link: 2009 and 2010 Police Misconduct. Provided below are just a small sampling (as viewed through this useful website) of the lack in integrity as exhibited by law enforcement officers we trust to follow our Missouri Constitution – as well as hold to a standard of Christian behavior. Because as Missouri Tenth continually advocates, without a foundational standard of right and wrong (apart from social fashion or mob rule), we can expect many more disgraceful actions amongst our people in the future.

Saint Louis, MO, USA 2009: St. Louis MO police officer sued for allegedly lifting a 15yr old student by throat & repeatedly slamming him against wall

Saint Louis, MO, USA 2009: Saint Louis MO cop sentenced to 1yr for theft & planting drugs to frame innocent man due to cooperation in other case

Kinlock, MO, USA 2010: Kinlock MO police chief fired after discovered he lost certification last year for lying duing probe into sex w/minor [1]

Columbia, MO, USA 2009: Columbia MO settles suit for $300k to man injured when he fell off overpass when tasered 4x during standoff

Kansas City, MO, USA 2009: Kansas City MO police sgt charged for driving while drunk after pulled over on highway and staggered out of car

Univ of Missouri, MO, USA 2010: University of Missouri cop finds nearest piece of paper & resigns after flash drive w/child porn found in his cruiser

Fordland, MO, USA 2009: Fordland MO cop facing trial this month after fired for molesting teen last year is now charged with molesting another

To view many other cases like this across Missouri (and our nation), please click the Searchable Map of 2009 and 2012 Misconduct Incidents in the United States.

If you would like to encourage your County Sheriff to stand up for your family, your community, and to protect us from individual and Federal abuses of power, please take a look at the following PDF documents. These are provided for you to freely use in persuading your local sheriff and his staff to stand up for what’s right in your community! Simply click on the provided links below, or the Missouri Constitutional Sheriff tab at the top of the page:

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One Response to Searchable Map of Police Misconduct in Missouri

  1. spinoza1111 says:

    But POLICE misconduct is a state abuse, and I thought states were supreme? In fact, Madison intended that Federal power be as much a check on state power and state power would be on Federal power.

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