The Rise of Southern Nationalism

Any discussion concerning the natural rights of man in relation to state sovereignty, independence from tyranny,  self-determination, and de-centralization, certainly wouldn’t be complete without bringing awareness and understanding towards today’s cause of Southern Nationalism.

John P. George, a member of the League of the South who holds a B.A. degree in sociology and philosophy from the University of Georgia, an M.A. degree in historical sociology from the University of New Brunswick, and a Ph.D. from Mississippi State University, writes that, “Southern independence is based on the belief that there are basic and distinct differences in culture, religion, political ideology, and ethnicity that form a nation distinct from the North. Ethnically the white population of the South has been predominantly from Great Britain and Ireland and northern Europe and Protestant Christian in religion. Politically the South has long been more conservative than the North or West, and regardless of ethnic background (e.g., black, Cajun, or Cherokee) all Southerners share a common history and certain similarities in cuisine, language, and music.”

And with the South possessing a distinct culture and population of over 100 million, as well as a robust economy boasting low unemployment rates, the South clearly continues to hold a position of influence and strength. However, in the face of constant Federal abuse, and a differing ideology that continually attempts to dismiss the valuable contributions that Southern society brings,  Southern Nationalism is growing. As states in What the Traditional South Does and Doesn’t Want, “Though Southerners have been a patient and patriotic people, our patience is wearing thin, as is our willingness to sacrifice for those who use and exploit us for their own benefit. We Southerners are the blood descendants of those who played the largest role in carving a civilization out of the North American wilderness over the past few centuries. We have seen our accomplishments belittled and our civilization stolen from us. We will no longer tolerate living under an alien ruling class motivated by an alien ideology.”

This “alien ideology” as Dixienet discusses above, is key to understanding the ideological fabric of the Southern Nationalist today. Rejecting radical egalitarian ideals, liberal social experimentation, and marxist perspectives that promote a homogenized, centralized society under the guise of ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’, John P. George writes that, “Southern nationalism is based on the belief that cultural heritage and traditions can best be maintained through ethnic autonomy. Robert Frost and his ilk notwithstanding, good fences do make good neighbors. Radical egalitarians not only want to tear down their neighbors’ fences; they also believe that ‘What’s mine is mine and What’s yours is also mine.’ Thus in their striving towards equality of condition, racial preferences become “affirmative action” and any scientific research into inherent racial or gender differences becomes taboo. SAT score requirements for minorities in colleges and physical requirements for women in the armed forces are lowered in order to meet radical egalitarian dogma. Instead our Southern heritage celebrates true diversity (as in complementary differences between men and women) and true multiculturalism (where differences are recognized yet evaluated accordingly instead of pretending that all cultures are equal).”

With the Supreme Court overriding the will of the people in regards to Obamacare, concerns over the TSA’s groping and nude body scans, the NDAA provisions allowing the indefinite detention of American citizens, the capability of the Federal Government to now wage drone warfare on civilians, the Patriot Act allowing Federal agencies to spy on our people, excessive taxation, Government Schools brainwashing our children, and the Constitution clearly treated as dead document (unless it serves Federal interests) – the Southern Nationalist realizes that the concerns our Founding Fathers had towards Britain, as listed in the Declaration of Independence, have been far surpassed by our own Government today. “Devolution of central power back to the local and state level,” says George, “will remove an unneeded and unwarranted level of bureaucracy and provide the greatest amount of freedom and empowerment to the people.”

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