Missouri Freedom Radio: American Heritage Girls Interview

Patti Garibay, founder of American Heritage Girls was the guest for Missouri Freedom Radio on July 17, 2012. Started over a decade ago in response to the declining morals of the Girl Scouts USA, this organization has grown by leaps and bounds.

“American Heritage Girls is a Christ centered scouting organization for girls, and we serve girls ages 5 to 18,” Patti Garibay explained. “It was started in 1995 not because the founders wanted to start the organization, but because they felt they needed to start an alternative to the scouting program for girls that they had served in for such a long time. And that was due to a change in the Girl Scout Promise in 1993 that allowed for what they called “flexibility” in spiritual wording. Basically what that allowed was for Atheists to begin being a part of the Girl Scouts USA. This was a big philosophical change for us, and we really had a moral dilemma as to whether or not we could still serve in that organization as women of faith. So we really thought that American Heritage Girls would simply be a club for our daughters, but as you can see, 17 years later, God had a much bigger plan.”

Patti continued, “We have over 20,000 members, in 46 states, and six international countries. That’s about 500 troops. These troops are quite large, and are chartered like the Boy Scouts of America, which is one of our partners, and are chartered by churches and private schools who want to have a scouting program for their youth, and expand their ministries reach.”

Patti also notes that, “American Heritage Girls is definitely a choice for families, as is the Girl Scouts USA. However for those families who have a faith base, or for those concerned with conservative values, and the values that America was really founded on – they may want to give a closer look to the Girl Scouts USA. Upon doing so, they may discover that things have changed from when they were a young girl. For example, I saw as my tenure as a leader for 13 years, the change happening before my eyes, and becoming different from what the Girl Scouts was like when I was a little girl and my own mother was a leader. So check out what’s going on with the new Girl Scouts USA, and then make a decision if that’s what you really want for your daughter or granddaughter.”

To listen to the rest of the July 17 American Heritage Girls episode (including a segment where Patti answered caller questions), please visit the Missouri Freedom Radio website.

To learn more about American Heritage Girls, visit the American Heritage Girls website.

To read about the Girl Scouts USA and controversy concerning alleged “Anti-Catholic” Stances, along with comments from Patti Garibay, please see The Blaze’s article, U.S. Bishops to Launch Official Inquiry Into the Girl Scouts Over Alleged Anti-Catholic Stances

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