Homosexuals attack Boy Scouts in Missouri

As if we needed more proof of the lunacy of the Egalitarian mind-set, Fox Four Kansas City’s recent (July 17, 2012) article entitled “Missouri boy Scout Kicked Out of Camp for Being Gay“, seeks to invoke sympathy for the homosexual agenda once again. Because according to nineteen year old Eric Jones, everything he has worked for in the Boy Scouts is now gone. Why? Because Jones finally admitted to a Boy Scouts director in St. Joseph, Missouri, that he is a homosexual.

While the Boy Scouts, as a privately run organization, has never allowed members who desire same-sex sexual relationships, Jones believes this policy needs to change. Not because it’s prudent, or has good reasoning behind it, but because it’s just not fair. And to fix this travesty of “unfair” behavior, homosexual activists like Jones believes that it’s the Government’s job to intrude into our lives, and bestow special privileges on the few in order to equalize all. Still, what do we expect? People who disagree with this nonsense have grown so accustomed to the politically correct, multiculturalist, humanist, equality-based society foisted upon us by our Government, that we often feel ashamed that we too haven’t fallen into lock-step with the Progressives. But don’t feel bad. Same sex desires aren’t an inherent quality that cannot be changed (such as a racial identity) – but a behavior. And behaviors are something people justifiably discriminate against all the time.

Still, with the intolerant and militant behaviors that homosexuals and an Egalitarian indoctrinated public seem willing to force, what if these groups had their way with the Boy Scouts? How would this impact an organization of boys in close contact with one another? To consider such a thought, we’ve got to be clear about one thing. With the sex saturated society we live in enabling many modern men (and boys) to possess a juvenile fascination towards sex, what potential would there be for sexual abuse by older homosexual boys or men who lust after those of their own sex? And why would anyone want to risk – in the supposed name of “equality” – even one individual being harmed by such a situation?

Jones doesn’t address this, nor will anyone else in the crusade for blanket equality for all. “This is having an effect on our youth,” said Jones, predictably tugging on people’s heart-strings in order to push his beliefs. “You are seeing it. If anything, have some kind of compassion for them. Imagine if this was your child or a neighbor, a close friend that was going through this.”

But seriously, with all the attention homosexuals receive from the press through their portrayal as heroic fighters of equality, as well as being featured in documentary films (Jones himself will appear in a documentary called “Second Class Citizens”), is the pain and suffering really as bad as Mr. Jones is making it out to be?

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