Voting Guide for Liberty Candidates on August 7

From John Findlay, Clay County Grass Roots for Liberty: Operation GOP 2.0, Re-Boot of the Republican Party is officially underway. Our past efforts, punctuated by our resolute challenge of the status quo at the County Caucus and your continued loyalty to our movement of peace, individual liberty, and constitutional rule of law will help us achieve victory in the months to come.

With that said, the next step in our operation is to capture seats on the Clay County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC). We have a contingent of Liberty-minded candidates running; if you see any of these candidates on your ballot at the August 7th Primary, be sure to vote for them!

  • 15-2 Rodriquez, Shawn Committeeman (1 Establishment opponent)
  • 17-1 **Cross, Adam Committeeman (1 Est. opponent)
  • 17-1 Wright, Gary Committeeman (1 Est. opponent)
  •  17-2 Findlay, John Committeeman (1 Est. opponent)
  •  17-3 **Olson, Sarah Committeewoman (2 Est. opponents)
  • 17-3 Van Duyn, Judi Committeewoman (2 Est. opponents)
  •  17-4 Lair, Jeff Committeeman (1 Est. opponent)
  •  18-5 Husien, Abe Committeeman (1 Est. opponent)
  •  38-2 Guarente, David A. Committeeman (1 Est. opponent)
  • 38-2 **Sanderford, John Committeeman (1 Est. opponent)
  •  38-3 Anderson, Tim Committeeman (NO Est. opponent)
  • 38-3 **Flowers, John Committeeman (NO Est. opponent)
  •  38-3 Maucelli, Mindy Committeewoman (NO Est. opponent)
  • 38-3 Furrow, Valerie Jo Committeewoman (NO Est. opponent)
  • 38-3 Aliciana Slagenweit Committeewoman (NO Est. opponent)

** Preferred candidate to vote for to avoid splitting our vote

And the following candidates have already locked up their seats on the Committee because they faced no opposition in their race:

  • 12-2 Moran, Scott Committeeman (unopposed)
  • 15-1 Werth, Brad Committeeman (unopposed)
  • 16-1 Feldman, William Committeeman (unopposed)

Your voter identification card does not indicate your Committee District, only your voting precinct/location. Most districts cover multiple precincts. If you want to figure out which Committee District you live in, you can contact the Clay County Election Board at 816-415-VOTE.

For your information, there are 33 Committee Districts in Clay County. Each District has a CommitteeMAN and CommitteeWOMAN position; so 33 districts at 2 seats each equals 66 total seats. Many of those seats remain vacant simply because nobody bothers to file to run for the seats. Currently there are only 27 members on the Clay County Committee. There are opportunities to capture even more seats on the CCRCC: Vacant seats can be filled by eligible candidates as elected at any time by a majority of the Committee members. More on that later, as I may be contacting some of you as prospective candidates in those vacant Districts.

Thank you all for your time and efforts, they are paying off. Stay engaged, stay informed, and pass the message to everyone you can. And always remember our long term goal; to challenge the status quo, win the hearts and minds of those who have not yet woken up to the message of our movement, and keep fighting on their behalf until they do!

“Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.” –George Washington

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