K.C. Mayor Sly James wants more Government Slavery

If you live in Kansas City, it’s a sure bet that you’ve received in the mail, two glossy brochures printed by the Socialist supporting Kansas City Union (which is telling in itself), and paid for by Progress K.C. Committee (Matthew Dameron, Treasurer). Although there’s no telling how much these “Vote Yes” Propaganda pieces cost taxpayers – one thing is for certain. Mayor Sly James is BEGGING you to “Vote Yes” on Questions 1 and 2.

Mayor Sly James starts his first brochure by appealing to our hearts – as every lover of Big Government does. He talks about how our city has a lot of positive things happening to it, and that if we want our city to “be best” (yeah, that’s what it says) – we HAVE to bring Kansas City to life by taking care of the basics. Predictably, this involves “revitalizing our neighborhoods”, investing in our parks and communist – I mean community – centers, and fixing pipes, streets, and sewers to build the infrastructure to support a 21st century city. Like we haven’t heard this before. You’d think these folks would get tired of blabbing about spending tons of money to fix problems – when the problems have gotten only worse. No matter how much money is tossed into it.

Now according to ol’ Sly, Question 1 will simplify the tax code by eliminating several taxes for parks, and replacing that revenue with a single sales tax generated by people who visit, shop, and eat in Kansas City – not just residents who live in the city. Meanwhile, Question 2 takes advantage of historically low interest rates, and helps the city manage costs to consumers, while implementing the federally mandated sewer system upgrade. And as Sly and his cronies at City Hall are eager to emphasize, “These two proposals will MAKE Kansas City a more attractive city for residents and businesses, while creating more than 20,000 new jobs in the next five years.”

Yeah, jobs and making Kansas City look nice and pretty. Blah, blah, blah. Although, the way Kansas City has gone the past 150 years or so – it’s clear that a good number of folks favor government’s heavy-handed intervention in everything from desegregation (which has much to do with the terrible Kansas City economy), to providing “salvation” to lift people up out of their unfortunate circumstances.

However, not everyone in cow-town is swallowing the Mayor Sly’s candy-coated words, and the truth is slowly creeping out. For instance, Kansas City’s KSHB 41 reports, “If approved, Q2 will allow the city to borrow $500 million in revenue bonds to upgrade its sanitary sewer system to reduce overflows of combined sewage and storm water lines.¬† The change is mandated by the federal government and is expected to cost homeowners billions of dollars, Water Services spokesperson Amy Jordan Wooden said.”

You read that right. 500 million dollars to further enslave our community during¬† this terrible economy, with Big Brother butting it’s nose into our local affairs once again.

And from Tony’s Kansas City, TKC exclusive documents reveal that “Local elites and ambitious politicos have prepared their answers for any residents silly enough to think their voice or vote matters.” For instance, in the above TKC documents, Question 13 asks the question every Kansas City residents needs to ask: “How much will this sales tax cost a typical resident of Kansas City, Missouri? To which the answer is, “When the property taxes and fees are discontinued, the net additional amount a typical Kansas City resident will pay is $ xxxxx. ???????????????????????”

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2 Responses to K.C. Mayor Sly James wants more Government Slavery

  1. Terry Burns says:

    I’m a small business person, when the economy is good I spend my time making money and taking it off the table. When the economy is slow I spend my time upgrading my facility doing all the reasonable improvements. I find Sly James to be right on the money. Together we can build a better Kansas City! Terry Californos

  2. Devon Jenkins says:

    I have been homeless for fifteen years. I have been applying for section 8 & public housing for 10 yrs. I think it is discrimination. Seeming we just so happened to be the last state out of slavery. I’m going to tell you the god honest truth. If someone on the street did me like the government did me they would not be here today. I passed fourth grade with all A’s. They made me repeat it! Then when it came time to try to graduate they said I was to old. I was only 17 going on 18. Then when I tried to get my G.E.D. ( I wasn’t working) They told me it cost. So now, I’m like wait a minute. This has got to be discrimination.. please help me!!! They holding me too long now. I’m getting old!!!

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