Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Christianity, Government and Race

“With multiculturalism, humanism, and socialism representing grave concerns to our communities, we may look to blame a particular group, race, or idea – and dream that if only this particular “problem” could disappear, everything would surely get better. But this belief, which has resulted in countless incidents of blood-shed and revolutionary horrors throughout all of human  history, is nothing new. In fact, such was Germany after World War 1. Much like the United States today, the German people faced with apprehension the growing problems of Governmental instability, cultural change, civil unrest, and economic concerns. But instead of appealing to God, this supposedly “Christian” people looked not to a Biblical wisdom they should have known – but to human ideas that contributed to a rise of National Socialism in Germany…” – From Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Christianity, Government and Race

But during this dark hour for Germany, and the rest of the world, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, born on February 4, 1906, would be one of the leaders who stood up to the Nazi lies – and helped to bring the light of truth to a people lost in darkness. Perhaps best known for resisting Hitler’s euthanasia programs and genocidal campaigns against the Jews, he was also involved in efforts to assassinate Germany’s evil Dictator. An influential German Lutheran pastor, theologian, and founding member of the Confessing Church, he was arrested on April of 1943, and executed two years later.

If you’d like to find out more about the parallels between pre-Nazi Germany and the United States of today, as well as how the Christian Church failed Germany during it’s time of need – you may want to take a look at our latest 3 page PDF overview on Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Christianity, Government and Race. To access, either click on the prior link, or look on the Resource Downloads under the “essays” category for: Dietrich Bonhoeffer. As with all our resources, feel free to print them out, share with a friend, or save it for convenient reading at a later date.

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3 Responses to Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Christianity, Government and Race

  1. spinoza1111 says:

    In actuality, only a minority of Germans were National Socialists. The rest were mostly religious people who felt that National Socialism was a lesser evil. They’d been trained in authoritarian modes of thinking since the Thirty Years War which were based on the notion cuius regio eius religio, the region’s religion shall be that of the prince which was ideological training for silence and obedience in the Nazi era. Whereas multicultural, humanistic and socialistic values to the north of Germany kept Scandinavia, notably Sweden, out of the war, prosperous and free.

    • James Black says:

      Thank you, “spinoza”. True, they were raised to respect authority….”mindthink”. American students learned from that war not simply to take any authority “at their word” but to be open to think and raise questions. To many, it seems that youth are impudent and rude. If I had to choose I would take the risk of thinking and fact-gathering. I would take humanism and multiculturalism over false, shallow unification of thought dictated by anyone or anything…even what one group or other demands “the Bible says….”. Not all Christians, as you well know, agree on many Bible ideas. Modern science and human reason still have a logical place in the area of faith. God does not fear discovery, being the End of all Truth.

      • spinoza1111 says:

        Well, that’s the thing about Americans. We’re all liberals. We were founded by liberal intellectuals…Harvard men and men with the self-educated equivalent of a Harvard education who believed that Man didn’t need God.

        It is a mistake and a deep untruth for us to pretend to be Youropeens and go “back” to “the faith of our fathers”. For even if our patrilineal Grandpa was pious, the matrilineal is some scamp in many instances and his genes are ours also.

        We realized that if we’re willing to be Rambo we can be free, and we didn’t need to read Hobbes to learn this. But we also entered the social contract unlike Rambo and I don’t think we should tear it up. Remember what they say. “Women and barbed wire [aka Bob Wire] civilized the West.”

        It was the women got the vote first in the wildest Western states, closed the saloons and helped free the slaves which is why the savage attack on women by the Republicans is just one reason to vote for Obama in November.

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