True Liberty: How Limited Government and Personal Responsibility Works

Christians believe that only Christ can truly
transform individual life, families, communities,
governments, and even civilization itself. This is
something that many of America’s Founders
understood well, and why Christianity was
emphasized in promoting responsibility,
natural rights, true liberty, and the principals
of limited government. Anything else eventually
results in slavery to self, a community, or the
“order” required by a tyrannical State. – From the pamphlet, Passing the Torch of Liberty

Many of the problems in our community today result directly from a lack of individual responsibility and personal wisdom – both of which have been discouraged by what’s often called the “Nanny-State”. However, for the ideals of family, community and government to function properly, the individual must first understand how to govern themselves. One way to do this is to have a solid foundation, or an unchanging perspective that truly allows for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

One may belong to a church, or believe they have a general understanding of morality. But unless people understand truth, and the hope that this truth brings, liberty and an understanding of natural rights will be an elusive concept. Missouri Tenth’s PDF flier, Passing the Torch of Liberty attempts to help you understand God’s plan for the individual, and how He desires each of us to live with purpose!

Additionally, if you’re someone who is interested in how the notion of limited government would work in a community,  you may find interest in Passing the Torch of Liberty. To access, either click on the prior links, or look on the Resource Downloads under the “essays” category for: True Liberty. As with all our resources, feel free to print them out, share with a friend, or save it for convenient reading at a later date.

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