Gov Nixon and his progressive pals seek to subvert Missouri Sovereignty


Duly elected Missouri lawmakers, acting in accordance to the will of their constituents, voted recently to override Gov. Nixon’s veto of  SB749 which expands religious exceptions for insurance coverage of birth control. The Bill, developed out of a need to protect Missouri from Federal overreach, hopes to protect future Missourians from oppressive birth control measures found in Obamacare’s Socialist Reform.

SB749: Provides protection for religious beliefs as to the imposition of certain health care services such as abortion, contraception, or sterilizationMissouri Senate

But predictably, within minutes of the vote – a ruthless minority of special interest Progressives acted to subvert the will of Missouri and her people. Governor Nixon, Rep. Linda Black, Lawyer E.E. Keenan (representing the Greater Kansas City Coalition of Labor Union Women), Rep. Stacey Newman, and Peter Brownlie, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, are all hoping that the Cole County Judge will rule block the law from going into effect.

The lawsuit, which challenges the new law, was filed in the Cole County Circuit Court. It alleges that because the law conflicts with the whims of federal dictates, it must be thrown out. Plaintiffs also contended the new law violates the Egalitarian tyranny imposed by the Missouri Human Rights Act, which claims to protect workers who get their feelings hurt by their employers.


Birth control is a pocketbook issue for Missouri women and should be fully covered by insurance no matter where they work. Politicians, employers and insurers should not be making health care decisions for the women and families of Missouri.” – Fired Up

I  know that there are many people who may be disappointed in me today, but I’m doing what I feel in my heart is right, and that’s offering women the right to have contraception…” -Rep. Linda Black of Bonne Teerre.

It’s a shame we’re still debating access to birth control in 2012.” – Governor Nixon

We consider this move to be just another right-wing assault on workers limiting our members’ options and choices…Our message is loud and clear: When you attack workers’ access to health care, labor fights back.” – Edward Keenan, attorney for Kansas City Coalition of Labor Union Women

Birth control is not just basic, preventive health care for women, it is a pocketbook issue…Without this new birth control coverage benefit, many women will now have to continue paying $15 to $50 a month on top of their premium. When you live paycheck to paycheck, that’s a lot of money.” – Peter Brownlie, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of KS and Mid-Missouri.

Women depend on family planning and birth control access to plan their families, which determines their economic status…Women are listening, and they are watching what we do here today.” – Rep. Stacey Newman

Get Involved

Please write or call the following individuals, and let them know your disappointment with their failure to respect Missouri Sovereignty and the values of our community.

Rep. Linda Black: Website Phone: 573-751-2317, E-mail:

Rep: Stacy Newman: Website Phone: 573-751-0100, E-Mail:

Greater Kansas City Coalition of Labor Union Women: Website Phone: 816-358-4222, Address: 6320 Manchester Ave., Suite 42A, Kansas City, Mo 64133

Lawyer E. E. Keenan: Website E-mail:

Planned Parenthood of KS & Mid-MO: Website Phone: (913) 312-5100, E-mail: Address: 4401 West 109th St, Ste 200, Overland Park KS. 66211

NOTE: For the Cole County Judicial Circuit Court, please politely ask the Presiding Judge to uphold Missouri Sovereignty, and to not rule in favor of Federal Tyranny. And if they forget who they work for, it’s important to let our Judges know that they won’t get away with over-ruling the will of our people!

Cole County Judicial Circuit Court: Website
Presiding Judge Honorable Judge Patricia S. Joyce – Phone: 573-634-9178

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One Response to Gov Nixon and his progressive pals seek to subvert Missouri Sovereignty

  1. spinoza1111 says:

    This is absurd. Protestantism has never taken an absolute stand against birth control. Up until very recently the only Christian church to do so was the Roman Catholic church and even here, a super-majority of Catholics simply ignore the Catholic magisterium.

    Nor do employers have any right to refuse to provide a health plan that covers birth control. This is because in so providing this conditional benefit, triggered only by the woman and her doctor when they agree to have her use the Pill, or have an abortion, the employer does NOT violate any moral law even if he believes in the wrongness of birth control or abortion. The “taking of life” as it is renarrated mostly by jerks who hate women, occurs long after the purchase of insurance.

    With the interesting exception of the Chick Fila chain of chicken restaurants, furthermore, NO employers seem to manifest ANY compunction about forcing their employees to violate the Sabbath merely to survive. If the employer fails to pay a survival wage unless the employee works overtime including Sunday, the EMPLOYER violates the WORKER’S beliefs.

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