Missouri Freedom Radio: Beth Ann, host of CSC Talk Radio discusses Broadcasting and Progressivism vs. Corporatism

“Big Government is the problem in the United States. It is not the way we were meant to be governed.” – Beth Ann, host of CSC Talk Radio

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to get a radio show on the air, or how to go about working with a radio station to get your products on the airwaves – you may find added incentive to check out the September 11, 2012 edition of Missouri Freedom radio. Beth Ann, Host of the popular CSC Talk Radio, was the special guest for the evening, and was on hand to share with listeners her thoughts on everything from Radio broadcasting, to the current state of leadership in the U.S.

Based in California, Missouri, CSC radio currently boasts 35 affiliates, and can be heard daily across America. Catering more towards the rural audience, CSC Talk Radio works to help bring a common sense approach to listeners. CSC also works to take on the tough topics, such as big government, mega-corporations, and environmental extremists. From the stock market to the stockyards, from greedy oil companies to the everyday concerns of our listeners, no topic is too hot to handle.

After discussing how Beth became involved in Radio, and some of her interesting and amusing insights into running a radio station, the Host of Missouri Freedom Radio asked if Beth had any thoughts on the upcoming election.

She replied by saying, “First of all, I’m not real happy with either one of the candidates. You can’t tell me that in this nation of ours that these are the two best men we’ve got to run the place. But I am not a President Obama fan. I think he’s done some detrimental things to the country. I know he inherited a mess, but I think that our leaders in general have become arrogant. And they no longer look to what is the best for this country.” Beth Ann replied. “I don’t know how it’s going to size up. But I tell you what. I think the people of the United States think that it’s always going to be the same. They just think that nothing is going to change – that we’ll have good years, or bad years. Good presidents, or bad presidents. But if you look at the history, and how it has gone downhill in just the last 25 or 30 years, we’ve lost a lot of freedoms and liberties. You can’t do anything without getting a license or a permit. There’s rules, regulations, and restrictions. We are running out of jobs, and people aren’t working. I just don’t know how it’s going to go. I know I have vowed that I would never be forced into voting the lesser of two “evils” again. But as we roll into another election, I’m going ‘Oh my goodness, what are we going to do?’”

Beth proceeded to discuss the Democrats as being more Progressive than Liberal, and Republicans as being more corporatized than being concerned about any true “Republican” form of government. But, ”No matter who gets in there, or what position they taken, we’ve got to hold their feet to the fire, and hold them accountable for every decision they make,” Beth stated. “We the people have got to know what’s going on in our State Capitols, our local communities, and at D.C. We’ve got to know what these people are voting on.”

Missourians may also enjoy taking a look at “The Pen”, a monthly newsletter published by CSC Talk Radio.  Each issue includes thought-provoking articles, musings from Beth, witticisms, advice and more. You can request a free sample issue by e-mailing Beth at Beth@CSCTalkRadio.com. A yearly subscription costs only 24.95.

For more information on CSC Talk Radio, please click Here.

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