A Champion for Missouri: Ed Emery on Missouri Freedom Radio

“I’m very concerned with the assault on our liberties that we’ve seen, especially in the last four years. And I believe that the first defense against that kind of assault – either against our constitutional protections, or just irrational government –is the state legislature.” – Ed Emery

In a nutshell, Ed Emery, who recently appeared on the September 18 edition of Missouri Freedom Radio, is running for Missouri’s 31st Senatorial District. However, if that’s all you were to take away from a meeting of this man, that would indeed be unfortunate – especially considering the high stakes Missouri and her people are facing. Because if you were to step back and take in the big picture of what Ed is all about, you’ll find that in a field of career politicians and establishment big-wigs, it’s nice to finally come across a true Missourian who not only understands what it takes to get the job done – but is ready to “show us” how.

“Having served eight years in the House, and because of redistricting, the county I live in was drawn into the 31st Senatorial District, which changed the election cycle by two years.” Ed explained after being asked about his decision to run. “I had to make a decision pretty quickly, and decided that I wasn’t sure I trusted anyone else to protect my liberties there in the Missouri Senate. So I decided to run for that office, and was successful in the primary, and am now facing general election November 6.”

Moments later during the radio show, Ed shared with the listening audience of Missouri Freedom Radio his thoughts on the President’s Healthcare mandate. “I think Obamacare is certainly unconstitutional, and is probably the largest step towards Socialism we’ve seen anyone try since FDR. And his were in small steps!” Emery stated. “The HHS has determined that the way Obamacare is written is that States are committed to it unless they opt out. What this does is that it imposes on the Missouri Senate and House the necessity to initiate legislation that will opt us out of Obamacare. And that is probably the easiest prescription for what the State can do.”

However, when you consider that a large majority of Missourians are eager for leaders who will step up and work with them to fight Federal Tyranny – we all want to know just one thing. Will Ed interpose on our behalf, should he be elected in November? “The easiest first priority is to fulfill our oath, which essentially means to protect the liberties of the people that we serve. I believe that this is the number one priority and purpose of Government.” Emery stated, touching on the issue of constitutional limits for government, and his drive to lead by example in regards to following these limits. But, Ed also believes that government has grown largely because “We the People” have failed to educate future generations as to the significance of constitutional limits – or the significance of a government that is Federalist design, rather than National in design.

This led Emery to the topic of educational reform – something Ed believes is important for the future success of Missouri. As an example of positive reform, Ed discussed that state governments who are allowing educational options to parents, are also communities that are showing improvements in education. “Competition always improves all the competitors, or drives out competitors that are unwilling to improve. There have been over 18 states that have introduced elements of options for parents, and in every one of those states educational performance has improved, and dropout rates have fallen.”

Another area that has caused significant problems in terms of governance is a “Judiciary that seems to be unrestrained.” However, Ed believes that one of the ways we can fix this is by reexamining how we select judges in Missouri, and by restoring impeachment trials to the senate.

Ed makes it clear that his view of government is one in which the states give power to the Federal Government – not vice versa. “The Federal Government can have no powers other than those awarded to them by the states. The United States Constitution is very clear on that, and explains that anything not specifically given to the Federal Government ultimately belongs to the states or to the people. We have lost sight of that, and tend to live today like we’re subjects of the Federal Government, instead of the Federal Government being subject to the states. And when you put Government into that context, then you begin to understand that we have just as strong of a right to interpret the constitution as the Federal Government does. In fact, that’s part of the oath of office – that we defend the State Constitution and U.S. Constitution anytime one is elected to office.”

And while some individuals running for Missouri leadership positions may shy away from a responsible discourse on immigration issues, Ed’s significant experiences relating to the subject has given him a valuable perspective. “I chaired the interim committee on immigration reform, and we had a lot of testimony across the state, and a lot of opportunity to look at the significance of proper immigration, and the harm of illegal aliens in the state and in the country. Certainly as many agree, securing the borders is the most important element of immigration.” Ed notes, believing that immigration should primarily be to the benefit of the United States – which in turn benefits everyone. “Borders are an important part of the culture of any group. For example, one of the reasons you don’t find churches inviting other denominations into their business meetings to vote on decisions is because this would be a complete violation or dilution of their doctrines and beliefs. And America, as wonderful as our geography is, is not just about geography. It’s about a culture, a mindset, and a worldview that focuses on individual liberty and economic freedom…as we violate our borders with bad immigration policy; we’re going to see deterioration in the prosperity, culture, and the benefits of having a single language. Immigration needs to be controlled, and it needs to be by design.”

“We’ve painted ourselves into a corner by ignoring the Federal Governments violations of our constitutional protections, and as a result – we’ve all become part of a Government community. We’ve allowed this though. We’re the ones who own our constitution, but we’ve acted like the Federal Government owns it – that they tell us what it means, instead of us telling them what it means. Once that happens, Government becomes more about power than policy. “

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