Christian Persecution in Cuba and how Missouri can help!

Dr Paneque was a prisoner in Cuba because of his frequent reporting on human rights abuses as an independent journalist. While he was in the terrible conditions of the prison, he was sent hundreds of letters from around the world that he shared to encourage the other prisoners who had also defended human rights.

“I was one of those condemned to 24 years for wanting to think, for wanting to be a free man, free as God created man to be in His image and likeness, and for which He created him free.” Dr. Paneque states in regards to his experience of severe persecution in Cuba. “This is something that the Cuban authorities have never conceived in the last fifty years. They have created a people that does not think for itself, a people that is submitted to a system, to an ideology, and not its faith.”

Dr. Paneque was someone who was overwhelmed with gratitude for the encouraging letters and cards sent by fellow Believers from around the world. Don’t miss your opportunity to send your own card today and impact a life – and probably a whole church community – in Cuba!

“You cannot imagine the worth of a letter. You cannot imagine the worth of some words of encouragement.”

Click here to find out how you can encourage Christians through sending your own card! In tough circumstances people need your encouragement and reassurance. Help them persevere with your encouraging words!

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