Missouri “Misplaced Votes” Conspiracy?

St. Charles County can’t seem to stay out of trouble. First they had the debacle with accusations of fraud and strong-arm tactics at a Caucus back in March of this year. And now, it seems St. Charles county either made a mistake with their vote totals – or misplaced around 30,000 votes for Cynthia Davis (who ran for Lt. Gov on the Constitution Party platform) on election night.

Cindy Redburn states from Facebook, “I just spoke with the Secretary of State’s office and this indeed is a error! St. Charles County numbers misread a 4 (handwritten) for what was actually a 1. Only people with legible handwriting should be allowed to fill out forms such as this.”

But then, once the error was apparently acknowledged by the Missouri Secretary of State office, and changed to reflect theĀ  new total -of 93,424 votes, it was then changed back to reflect the old total of 63,521 votes. What’s going on here? And, if this has happened in St. Charles County, then we’ve got to ask – how many other “lost” or “misplaced” votes are there throughout Missouri?

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