Missouri’s 2nd Amendment Preservation Act (HB436) Hearing On Tuesday. Act Now!

From Ron Calzone at Missouri First: Have you seen the latest reason we need the Second Amendment Preservation Act? Veterans Receive Letters From VA Prohibiting Ownership or Purchase of Firearms


Congress doesn’t have to pass a new law. The president doesn’t even have to sign an executive order. Under existing law the Veteran’s Administration can make a policy change that triggers a clause already in the Brady gun control act and strip veterans of their right to keep and bear arms. Read this story and this one.

It’s clearer than ever, they won’t be satisfied to just ban “assault rifles”, they won’t stop until every citizen has been disarmed! The states must each rise to the defense of their people. Some Missouri Reps and Senators are doing just that — and you can help.

In Missouri, HB 436 and it’s companion Senate bill, SB 325, are the only bills that will protect our veterans from the sort of infringements described above.

Either this coming Tuesday or the following Tuesday HB 436, the Second Amendment Preservation Act, will have a public hearing in the House General Laws Committee. This committee is predisposed to support this bill, but we need to send a message of strong support that will resonate throughout the Capitol.

Take action by filling out a Witness Form (for Missouri residents) – these witness forms will be hand delivered and also made available online for the committee to read.

Fill out Witness Form Here: Click for Witness Form

Also, please pass on this information to as many liberty loving people as you can. If you have any personal contact with your rep or senator ask them to commit to supporting these bills!

For more information: Tenth Amendment Center article about HB 436.

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