RFID tracking chip in Missouri Licenses?

camerasOn Wednesday of this week, February 27, 2013, the Missouri Senate Transportation Committee held a public hearing on Senate Bill 252 which seeks to strengthen current laws against what Department of Revenue is doing.  SB 252 was introduced by Senator Will Kraus (republican, Dist. 8, Lee’s summit).  During the hearing MFN was the only witness to provide public testimony on the bill.  In that hearing Missouri Family Network President Kerry Messer quoted one of the State Statutes prohibiting DOR from doing the things now being required of local licensing offices.  MFN outlined direct violations of law the DOR is engaged in.  MFN outlined the illegal changes in DOR procedures, testifying (in part):

“Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 32.091.7 clearly states two prohibitions on the Missouri Department of Revenue without “specific statutory authorization”.  First is that the Department “shall not collect” individually identifying information on driver’s license applicants, which the Department is requiring of local license offices by requiring them to scan personal source documents without any other options for processing driver’s licenses.  Secondly the Department is prohibited from including “any information by which an individual may be identified, unless the department has specific statutory authorization”, which is also being violated by the Department.  In this second violation the Department is requiring local licensing offices to provide scanned documents to a federal database that can be cross-referenced through an embedded microchip containing a personalized reference number that may be used to access whatever prohibited information the federal agency chooses.”

Yes, not only is the magnetic strip once again being used for improper purposes, but now DOR is authorizing an RFID chip to be implanted into your license card!  While Homeland Security claims this is secure because only a reference number will be on the chip, this individualized number traces back to the federal government’s file containing all your source documents (and who know what else).  Citizens’ confidence in this security is understandable questionable in light of the common news reports of computer hacking, including government databases.  The fact that your new “Enhanced Driver’s License” comes in a protective slip cover to minimize illegal readings is of little comfort.

IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED: Because the Department of Revenue has been retooling your local license offices without legal State Statutory authorization, they have not informed your elected Representative or Senator about their activities.  Thus your elected officials do not know what is going on.  Additionally, due to the loss of institutional memory (thanks to restrictive term limits) they do not have knowledge of the history associated with this battle.  This includes the fact that the vast majority of lawmakers don’t understand that they have been illegally bypassed by DOR, or even know that they have authority to deal with DOR’s violations!

Please contact both your State Representative and Senator.  Explain to them:

  1. That you are outraged by these violations of your privacy!
  2. The offense to you as a taxpayer of DOR’s violations of State Statutes!
  3. The audacity of the Department of Revenue to seemingly keep the general public from knowing the whole truth about what they are doing!
  4. Lastly, offer your opinion on the affront that DOR would work so well with a federal bureaucracy but not be willing to be transparent and forthcoming to inform or seek appropriate authority from the elected representatives of the people they serve!

Review the additional background information provided below.  Then please contact both your State Representative and State Senator to support SB 252, and to ask that your elected officials hold Department of Revenue officials accountable for these violations!

Find your elected Representative and Senator and their contact information at: http://www.house.mo.gov/legislatorlookup.aspx?zip=  or, if you have their names you may call the State Government Operator during business hours at: 573-751-2000.

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3 Responses to RFID tracking chip in Missouri Licenses?

  1. e.w. says:

    So why doesn’t MFN use some of their money and take DOR to state court-maybe even demand criminal prosecution?

  2. e.w. says:

    I contacted my legislator in 2009 and got the anti-real ID act passed and it became law in Missouri.

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