DOR Scandal: Rep. Nick Marshall calls for State Investigation

marshallFrom the Platte County Landmark (April 24, 2012): State Rep. Nick Marshall of Parkville Missouri recently stated in regards to the Department of Revenue and Department of Public Safety’s release of 163,000 Missourians concealed carry info to the Federal Government (as reported by Missouri Tenth Here) that, “Folks are astonished that someone in their state government would do that.”

Rep. Marshall, who is leading the call for an investigation into this abuse of personal information and the rights of Missouri citizens, said on Tuesday that he has filed an official House Remonstrance that has been signed by 95 other state representatives. The Remonstrance, which condemns the release of personal protected information regarding conceal carry endorsements by the DOR and Dept. of Public Safety, demands that Governor Jay Nixon investigate, discipline and remove any responsible members of the executive branch. Marshall says that the goal here is to “encourage the governor to take some action against those responsible for the violations of Missourians’ privacy.”

While the Remonstrance doesn’t use the word “impeachment”, it does state that if Governor Nixon doesn’t take appropriate action in this serious matter – then Nixon will be considered as willfully neglecting his duty under the Missouri Constitution.

“This is not only a horrendous breach of protected information, but also an attack on personal liberties,” said Marshall in the Landmark article. “I sincerely hope the governor chooses to appropriately discipline those involved. If he does not perform his sworn duty, we will do ours.”

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2 Responses to DOR Scandal: Rep. Nick Marshall calls for State Investigation

  1. Dan says:

    There’s a funny YouTube parody about the DOR / DHS scandal that likens the MO Administration to Nazis.

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