Kansas and Missouri leadership tells D.C. to back off

holderbrownbackIn an appropriate and much needed act of interposition between  power-hungry Federal politicians and the right of Kansans to defend their families, Governor Brownback issued a May 2 letter to Eric Holder (which can be read about here). In it, Brownback stated that the Kansas Second Amendment Protection Act acts not only in accordance with the Second Amendment of the constitution, and the Kansas Bill of Rights – but through the sovereignty guaranteed the state of Kansas through the Ninth and Tenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

Brownback wrote that, “The state’s Second Amendment Preservation Act, which expressly restates our commitment to these rights, was approved by wide, bi-partisan margins in the Kansas Legislature. The measure was adopted by a vote of 35 to 4 in the Kansas Senate with the Democrat Senate Majority Leaders supporting the bill. The measure was adopted by a vote of 96 to 24 in the Kansas House of Representatives. Again, the Democrat House Minority Leader voted for the bill. This is not a partisan issue in Kansas.”

Brownback powerfully concluded his letter with the following: “The people of Kansas have clearly expressed their sovereign will. It is my hope that upon further review, you will see their right to do so.”

Meanwhile, not to be outdone by their Kansas neighbor, the Missouri Senate passed the Show-Me-State version of Second Amendment protection by a veto-proof majority. HB 436 passed the Senate 26-6 on Thursday.

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