9-14-13: Missouri Activist News

moactnewsThe following represents some of the correspondence Missouri Tenth receives from activists all over Missouri. We think you’ll find many of what they have to share of interest.

Federal Agency Data Mining your credit card purchases: “Take a look at this-if you buy ammo with a credit card-the government will know you have a gun. Think this is paranoia?  According to the news the government will track 80% of credit card transactions”: Fox News – Federal Agency data mining credit card purchases 

Liberty lost since 9-11: “Police can break down the door of your house without a warrant because of 9/11; police can set up checkpoints on America’s highways because of 9/11; you and I can be indefinitely incarcerated without being told why and without being allowed legal counsel because of 9/11; Americans can be sent off to prison–even foreign prisons–without benefit of a trial because of 9/11; American citizens can even be killed by government agents without being charged with a crime because of 9/11; entire cities (such as Boston) can be thrust into martial law because of 9/11. All of our electronic correspondence, phone calls, and financial activity can be monitored by the feds because of 9/11. The list is endless.” Read at Chuck Baldwin Live – The Great Ones are leaving us

Nullify NSA Spying: From Tenth Amendment Center – “If you want to Nullify NSA Spying, you can wait for congress, the court, or the president. Or you can take James Madison’s advice and start resisting now. Learn the basis, and find out what YOU should do in YOUR state…Read more at Nullify NSA: The Resistance begins Now!

About your not-so friendly neighborhood governmental bureaucrat: You know those grumpy postal workers, or Department of Motor Vehicles employees who represent the face of a government which supposedly works for you? Dan Mitchell over at  International Liberty discusses the problem of governmental workers who are paid more (via your tax dollars) and work less hours than private sector employees. Read all about it at: Least Surprising News Flash Ever: Study Finds Bureaucrats Are Lazy

The Problem With Missouri HB253: Joseph Wetter shares thoughts in regards to HB253 – the bill passed through the legislature that would have lowered taxes in the State of Missouri. Want to know more about shrinking the size of government through “Supply Side Economics”? Read more at The Problem with Missouri HB253

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