How Missouri can Nullify the NSA

feinsteinThe NSA hasn’t exactly been winning a lot of friends these days. Whether committing massive constitutional-smashing abuses on citizens in Missouri, or listening in on the private conversations of their European “friends”, the Federal Government’s Orwellian NSA agency seems to be styling itself more as a creepy high-tech peeping tyrant than any actual taxpayer-supported servant to the people.

Michael Boldin, founder of the Tenth Amendment Center recently wrote on October 25, 2013 that: “A few weeks ago, Dianne Feinstein claimed that mass spying by the NSA is ‘lawful, effective and constitutional.’ She then introduced a new NSA ‘reform bill’ that does absolutely nothing to stop the NSA. A few days later, she took to the pages of the Wall Street Journal for some nasty fear-mongering.  She wants you to believe that either the NSA must be allowed to continue the spying, or you could get hurt in a terrorist attack. Her message was basically this:  We spy, or you die.”

However, Boldin notes that you don’t have to keep taking it from people like Feinstein.  And you don’t have to sit around waiting for her or her friends to stop the NSA. In fact, the Tenth Amendment Center has put together a multi-phase plan to resist the NSA.

Phase 1 starts with passage of the 4th Amendment Protection Act. This is a “legislative device” which requires a “refusal to cooperate” with federal spying programs in Missouri. No matter what they tell you, the NSA absolutely does rely on help in virtually every state. Here’s just a few prominent examples – all of which would be banned with passage of the 4th Amendment Protection Act.

  1. Providing Vital Resources.   The NSA is resource-hungry.  Back in 2006, they maxed-out the Baltimore-area power grid.  They were concerned that additional power needs could “cripple” their “mission.”   The hunt for new data centers was on. The one in Utah, for example, requires 1.7 million gallons of water every single day to operate.  That water is being supplied by a political subdivision of the State of Utah.
  2. Universities as Research Centers.  There are currently 166 colleges around the country the NSA has partnered with (including Missouri University of Science and Technology and University of Missouri at Columbia). These are major research centers, advancing NSA spying capabilities.  And, they act as fertile recruiting grounds for future NSA “analysts.” Many of these universities are state-run, and future partnership would be banned with passage of the 4th Amendment Protection Act.
  3. Big Brother in your Local Police.  The NSA’s culture of suspicion is trickling down to local law enforcement.  Information collected without a warrant is shared locally through two channels (that we’re already aware of).  They share through the Special Operations Division (SOD) and fusion centers. On top of it, local law enforcement is encouraged to share Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) upstream with NSA and other federal agencies.  (learn more about SAR here) It’s a very symbiotic relationship. In short, your local police is being co-opted by big brother.

Whether it’s resources like water, electricity, or sewage treatment, or research partnerships and information “sharing,” there’s nothing in the Constitution, or any case law, which requires your state to help the feds violate your rights. Even the Supreme Court has repeatedly agreed with this “anti-commandeering doctrine.”  Relevant court cases are 1842 Prigg, 1992 New York, 1997 Printz and 2012 Sebelius.

Take Action:

  1. Learn more about the 4th Amendment Protection Act HERE.
  2. Contact your state rep and senator by phone.  Strongly, but respectfully encourage them to introduce the act in Missouri. Call or e-mail your Senator by using this directory. To call or e-mail your Legislators: Legislator Look-up
  3. Contact your local politicians – county and city or town – and ask them to introduce a resolution in support of this action HERE
  4. Join the coalition to Stop NSA spying HERE

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