Tom Woods Show: The American Police State

TWshowOn the October 30, 2013 show of the Tom Woods Show, the guest is John Whitehead, the Author of the 2013 book, A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State. Mr. Whitehead is the founder of the Rutherford Institute, which he serves as President. The Rutherford Institute, which was founded in 1982, is a non-profit civil liberties and human rights organization headquartered in Charlottesville Virginia. Whitehead is also the author of over 2 dozen books, and has been published in the New York Times, The Washington Post and USA Today. “But his current book, A Government of Wolves is the one we’ll talk about today,” says Dr. Tom Woods. “This is the book that takes these sort of isolated incidents that you read about in the paper – that more recently we’ve found aren’t really so isolated – and he really systemizes all these in his book, tries to find out what’s really happening here, and decide what we ought to do about it.”

“I’m a constitutional lawyer, I’ve been litigating cases throughout the courts, including the Supreme Court, for over 36 years,” John Whitehead explains. “So I’ve looked at what’s happening in the country, and I’m alarmed…we all should be concerned when we see these things happening. The revelations about the NSA downloading all the information from our computers, our bank records, the watching of everything we’re doing worldwide. In fact, I argue there’s an electronic concentration camp that’s being put around the world. And we just learned, believe it or not, that the NSA just in January downloaded at least a 120 billion phone calls around the world. So we live in a very precarious state.”

1Whitehead says that since the early 1980’s, there was an estimated 3,000 SWAT team raids. Today, he notes that, “We’ve seen the rise of SWAT Team raids, approximately 70,000 – that may be a low figure.” And despite the fourth amendment to the constitution, which is supposed to prohibit unreasonable searches and seizures, and requires any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause, children today are being taught to keep their heads down through school arrests, men and women are being strip searched and probed for drugs (such as Ashley and Angel Dobbs in Texas), and people are being mistakenly killed in their homes by SWAT team raids. Not to mention the drones that will soon be flying over homes watching what people are doing inside.

“I’m not the only one saying this,” says Whitehead. “People on the right and left are saying that there’s really no place to hide anymore. You may not be doing anything wrong by the way, and you may get the arrival of a SWAT team at your door. So you’re going to be watched. Here’s the thing that I say to most people. I stand up and fight for freedom everyday. It’s not easy. I defend people who picket for our liberties, and they get arrested. It’s not easy…That’s where we’re at today. I believe we have about ten years before we’re going to see something so ominous that we can’t deal with it – so the time to act is now.”

Mr. Whitehead noted that through the Pentagon providing billions of dollars worth of equipment over the years, the average American police force today is a military force – no longer the civil servants devoted to serve and protect. This is evidenced by masks designed to hide their faces (lending anonymity), black outfits, assault weapons, and assault vehicles. “The Founding Fathers, Madison, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, always said you don’t want a standing military force. They didn’t believe in a standing army on American soil. Well, we have it today with the average police. But they actually combine with the FBI and other agencies.”

WatchinglrWhitehead also discusses the Jose Guerena shooting, a U.S. Marine Veteran who was killed in his Arizona home in 2011 by officers of a SWAT team. The police fired over 70 rounds at Guerena, 50 rounds hit him and he bled to death on the floor. The reason they came into his home was they were doing a sweep of the neighborhood for marijuana – but they found nothing, and Guerena died for nothing. There’s also Aiyana Jones, a seven year old girl in Detroit who was shot and killed by a police raid – except the police were raiding the wrong apartment, on the wrong floor. “Those are the kind of cases I’m seeing happening,” Whitehead says. “We can talk more about some of the cases I’m actually lobbying where we’re seeing people disappear now. We’ve defended some of those cases where the police arrive and just take people away and put them in institutions.”

Whitehead believes that the government could be keeping tabs on returning vets through a Homeland Security Program called Operation Vigilant Eagle. For example, Brandon Raub was a decorated Marine who made some facebook posts that expressed that he thought the President’s executive orders had gone to far, and that the government had turned against the people. The police grabbed him, gave him a 2 minute psychiatric evaluation in the jail cell, and tried to put him away.

But while Whitehead notes that there are good police officers out there – you have to be cautious. “When I grew up, the chief of police was my next-door-neighbor. I used to talk to him. He would be shocked. In fact, I have a lot of older policemen, and some younger policemen who come by to visit me and say they wish this wasn’t happening…under George Bush, some of this stuff dropped. But under Barack Obama, it’s actually dramatically increased.”

“Either you’re an activist, or you’re going to allow this to happen, folks. That’s all I can say. And shame on you if you do.”

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10 Responses to Tom Woods Show: The American Police State

  1. AnnGreenleaf says:

    Might want to look into whether your political subdivision is hoping to employ aerial orthogonal AND oblique photography for the assessor. Resolution can be fairly fine, such that license plates can be read. They can see all the entrances/exits, too, so every brick and board can be taxed. They also try to sell it as a bonus for law enforcement, oh-so-useful during that SWAT raid they might have to conduct.

  2. genewilk says:

    I’m retired now but I used to work for Boeing, 777 program in Everett WA. I still have working acquaintances there! Governor Jay Nixon’s dream of capturing the new 777X plant is very implausible. My sources say the plant is headed to South Carolina. Boeing would never consider the heavy unionized St. Louis or Kansas City area, there trying to get away from the strong arm of the unions, especially the IAM, Teamsters, and SPEEA. King County/Seattle passage of the $15.00 a hour minimum wage law a couple a months ago started all this. Governor Nixon would have more luck if he promoted the Springfield area, I know Boeing would be more receptive to this area than St. Louis or Kansas City area.

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