Does Mark Levin REALLY value Liberty?

levinSure he’s popular amongst conservative circles, but does Mark Levin really value liberty? Or is he just another neo-con poser without any real answers to the preserving of liberty in our communities? Yeah, he’s got some pretty fancy credentials of having worked in the administration of President Reagan, and once serving on the chief of staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese. And he’s penned a number of books – two of which are entitled The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic and Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto. So clearly, the guy has got plenty to talk about. And maybe even quite a bit of it is spot on.

But where we think Levin might be having a little trouble these days is in appropriately defining what exactly he believes liberty to be about. Is it a liberty where folks have natural (God-given) rights, can make decisions on their own (self-determination), are allowed to delegate power to the leaders they choose,  have the ability to say “No” when delegated authority is abused (nullification and interposition), and maybe – just maybe – even have the freedom to distance themselves from an abusive relationship (state sovereignty or independence)? For some reason, Mark Levin may not think so.

For example, according to the Tenth Amendment Center, when members of the Tenth Amendment Center team called in to CSPAN’s BookTV to politely ask Mark Levin questions about nullification (regarding historical record and James Madison’s personal statements on nullification), TAC says that, “the questions were mostly ignored. They were each called names, like ‘leftist’ ‘progressive’, ‘socialist’, ‘neo-confederate’, and ‘kook.’ Why do you think he is so angry at us and our work for nullification? He treats us like enemies when all we’re doing is trying to limit federal power – like he says he wants to do?”

And this isn’t the first time Mark Levin has behaved this way. For example, Tom Woods wrote here (Sept. 2013) that, “Radio host Mark Levin called Tenth Amendment Center founder Michael Boldin a ‘kook’ the other day. Par for the course; this is how Levin argues. We know that Boldin hit back with an actual argument, noting that Levin’s cribbed arguments against nullification are exactly the same as the ones used by Rachel Maddow.”

You’ll want to check out more at Tenth Amendment Center’s excellent article: Mark Levin Doubles Down on James Madison and Nullification. He’s Still Wrong.

There’s also Mike Church and his article James Madison to Nullify Deniers. Here, Church discusses one of Mark Levin’s supporters – Jen Kuznicki – who recently lashed out against Nullification and the Tenth Amendment Center.

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One Response to Does Mark Levin REALLY value Liberty?

  1. Leslie Graham says:

    And so, with this article, I want to ask all of you to please put the good of the country first and please find the untainted authorities to educate yourselves on Nullification. Jefferson and Madison are good starts – Read the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798 and 1799 and the Virginia Resolution of 1798, as well as Madison’s Virginia’s Report of 1800, but most importantly, read the circumstances under which Jefferson and Madison sought to re-assert the compact/founding principles of nullification…. the government was starting to trample on our Bill of Rights!!) Nullification is a good way to hold the federal government at bay while we figure out the best ways to divest the federal government of its liberty-killing powers. There are valid criticisms of an Article V Convention, and I advance that position with the others. If Mark Levin can PROMISE ABSOLUTELY that a group of state delegates can produce amendments that are clearly limited to transparent goals and which will LIMIT the government (and not in fact enlarge its powers, as some states seem inclined to do), then perhaps we should continue our discussion and debate on the Convention. But I don’t think he can do so.

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