Lincoln Days in Missouri? Seriously?

lincolnHey Missouri, can you guess what time it is? It’s Lincoln Days! The perfect time in every year to break out that Abraham Lincoln top-hat, and institute Martial Law in Missouri! Hosted by the Missouri Association of Republicans, Lincoln Days is going to be held Feb. 22, 2014 at the University Plaza Hotel and Convention Center in Springfield, Missouri. The website, which can be seen here, even promises that the upcoming event will feature Senator Rand Paul – the same Rand Paul whose father (Ron Paul) is known for his uncompromising stance for liberty and limited government.

And as we all know, Lincoln was a great leader when it came to liberty and limited government. Yeah…Anything but. Am I right? And that’s where the real rub from the Missouri Republican Party and this Lincoln Day event comes from. If the Republican Party really wants to stand for limited government and a true “Republic”, they’re going to have to distance themselves from Lincoln. Lincoln Days in Missouri? How about calling it Thomas Jefferson Days? You know, as in let’s support a guy who really talked the talk, rather than – let’s be honest now – instigated a brutal war which not only devastated Missouri (Missouri was the third bloodiest during the war), killed and destroyed the lives of nearly a million people, shattered the infrastructure of half the country, grew the power of the federal government, ushered in martial law, oath-taking, suspension of habeas corpus and more.

But I know, Lincoln was a big Republican and has been bandied about and virtually worshipped as the savior of the “union” (which ceased to exist when the Feds forced it by point of a gun), the great emancipator (while England emancipated their slaves years before without bloodshed), and on and on. It ain’t gonna be an easy thing for Missouri Republicans to give up the Lincoln facade that they’ve grown to know and love. But if they want to win over the growing population of folks who really do value liberty and limited government for our community – not to mention an understanding on the truth about guys like Lincoln – they’re going to have to think long and hard about doing so.

There’s a reason guys like Obama admire Lincoln. And it’s not because of his good looks. (note: the parody graphic above is intended to mirror Dinesh D’Souza’s hit 2012 film, Obama’s America, which you can view here)

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4 Responses to Lincoln Days in Missouri? Seriously?

  1. aldermanlacy says:

    If you had the run in like I did with the Cape County Tea Party , you would understand why this comes as no surprise for me. Biggest bunch of cowardly , back-stabbing group of people I have ever met!

  2. aldermanlacy says:

    Reblogged this on The Opossum Creek Courier and commented:
    I agree, Missouri should not be celebrating Lincoln.

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