Action Alert! Hearing Tuesday on Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act

Mo2ndFrom Missouri First: A lot has been going on behind the scenes the last few weeks with the Second Amendment Preservation Act. The Senate version has passed in the Senate and needs only one more vote by the House, if it’s not amended, and it will go to the Governor’s desk.

Since passing the Senate, however, ways of greatly improving the effectiveness of the bill have been discovered, and the House version of SAPA (HB 1439) is the vehicle for those improvements. The Senate version (SB 613) is being held in reserve, just in case something happens to HB 1439.

Be sure to read more at the Missouri First SAPA Resource Page for an explanation of the improvements to be considered at the Senate General Laws Committee meeting this coming Tuesday. Read the proposed substitute here: Proposed-SCS-HCS-HB1439.pdf

The Hearing on Tuesday, April 15, is with the General Laws Committee (Senator Brian Nieves, Chairman). Please fill out your witness form now, as these will be hand-delivered to the committee. We need hundreds of witness forms to show you still demand action!

Fill out a Witness Form: Witness form link for HB 1439

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2 Responses to Action Alert! Hearing Tuesday on Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act

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  2. Grant says:

    I am saddened that this amendment passed. If you read the amendment-well let me back up. The “old” part of the Missouri Constitution that dealt with the right to keep and bear arms said that our right to keep and use a gun to protect ourselves and our property “Shall not be questioned” This new amendment says that any laws passed restricting the right to keep and bear arms “Shall be scrutinized”-not that such laws will be null and void. This amendment also gives the state of Missouri the authority to negate your right to have a gun if the courts say you are mentally ill. -this last portion-in hindsight- justifies Governor Nixon handing over the names of Missouri’s conceal carry permit holders to the feds. Our state constitution ALREADY says that Missouri can cooperate with the feds in matters of mental health. This new keep and bear arms amendment in our constitution used in conjunction with the part of our constitution that let’s them work with the feds on “mental illness” could be the nail in the coffin of law abiding gun owners in Missouri. It also goes to show that in the “Show me state” if you put the right name on something-you can sucker gun owners into voting away their rights.

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