Action Alert: Should Gov. Nixon be Impeached?

impeachedOn Wednesday, April 23, the House Judiciary Committe will hold public hearings for three separate articles of impeachment. HR 380 (which can be read about here) – sponsored by Rep. Nick Marshall – deals with Gov. Nixon attempting to utilize his position to thwart Missouri’s Constitution marriage amendment. HR 476 (read about here) – sponsored by Rep. Mike Moon – deals with Nixon’s failure to issue writs of election as required by state law. And HR 923 (read here) – sponsored by Rep. Rick Brattin – deals with Nixon’s failure to discipline or dismiss executive branch employees responsible for the release of concealed carry endorsement information to the federal government.

Impeachment is one of the tools the Framers of our Constitution gave us to keep government abuse in check. Even when there is no conviction, the threat of impeachment helps to keep public officials honest.

Article VII Section I of the Missouri Constitution says, “All elective executive officials of the state, and judges of the supreme court, courts of appeals and circuit courts shall be liable to impeachment for crimes, misconduct, habitual drunkenness, willful neglect of duty, corruption in office, incompetency, or any offense involving moral turpitude or oppression in office.”

Missouri First notes that most of the constitutional grounds for impeachment are NOT criminal in nature. “The purpose of impeachment is to “check” an official who is damaging the People and his office in some way, even if no crime has been committed. It doesn’t even have to be a malicious act – notice that “incompetency” is grounds for impeachment.”

When the House of Representatives votes to impeach an official, they are not saying he is guilty – all they are saying is that there’s enough evidence to hold a trial. In Missouri, unlike virtually all the other states, the actual impeachment trial and determination of guilt is left up to seven judges. When the governor is the object of the impeachment, the Senate selects “seven eminent jurists” from among sitting judges across the state.

So the question before the House Judiciary Committee next week, and possibly the whole House later on, is, “Is there enough cause to hold an impeachment trial of Governor Nixon?” Many people throughout Missouri believe there is. What do you think? Please learn more about impeachment (here) and fill out a witness form, either for or against impeaching Governor Nixon, and the folks at Missouri First will make certain it is delivered to the committee!

Take Action:

This is your opportunity to speak out in regards to a Governor who has – on numerous occasions – abused the authority Missouri citizens have entrusted him with. Fill out a Witness Form: Witness form link for HR 380, 476, 923

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3 Responses to Action Alert: Should Gov. Nixon be Impeached?

  1. Abettermissouri says:

    The legislature needs to stop pissing away time and money. This literally comes as a result of men who can’t seem to come to terms with their own infidelities. Apparently it’s wrong to for a man to love another man, but it’s okay for state representatives to cheat on their wives in Jefferson City. Before we, as a state, are so quick to meddle in the lives of others, let us make sure that the people making the decision are worthy of that power…

    • carknow32 says:

      Thanks for the comment “Abettermissouri”. I agree that there are many ways the legislature and state government fritters away our money in finding ways to grow government. However, it is the legislatures job to spend a great deal of time in debating each other over the best way to represent and ensure liberty for their constituents. This can be both agonizing and frustrating for all involved – but that’s their job.

      As for infidelities, I’m not sure what you mean unless you have a specific accusation and evidence to back it up.

      As for it being wrong for a man to love another man – this strikes me as somewhat of an odd statement, as last time I checked, many men still love their brothers and fathers.

      And yes, I agree that we should be making sure our leaders on both sides are worthy of the power we entrust them – as we certainly don’t want a leader who abuses his authority to meddle and abuse the people.

    • notforsale says:

      What good is the rule of law, if it is not followed – especially when it is ignored by leadership that swore to uphold the law? In this case (3 very different issues) many citizens are effected. ALL, from any party, should realize abuse of power is not good. READ: “First they came”

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