Constitutional Sheriff

“Veterans, sheriffs, and counties need to pledge that they will interpose themselves between the people of their county, and any attempt by anyone in the military who will go in and take an American away (in regards to the recent passage of the NDAA of 2012). So we have to stand up en masse, because if we don’t – this is really it. This is a direct assault on the Bill of Rights.” – E. Stewart Rhodes, Founder and Pres. of Oath Keepers

Would you like to make sure that the Sheriff of your County understands his responsibility in defending you and your family, your rights as guaranteed through the constitution, and how to stand up for the reserved powers of the state as defined under the tenth amendment? If so, please take a moment to contact your sheriff and letting him know what’s on your mind. The packet (which may be presented to your sheriff in it’s entirety) features a summarized Missouri Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the sample letter, and a Certificate for your sheriff to proudly show that he stands for the people of our state!

Some of the Exciting Feedback we’ve received on the Missouri Constitutional Sheriff Program in MissouriWe’re making progress! It’s not to late for you, or your group to get on board and help promote liberty in our State!

  • Thank you for your e-mail and call (in regards to SB600). Let me know if you are available to testify if my bill receives a hearing. – Senator Jim Lembke, 1st District
  • Thank you so much for putting this PDF together andt the other items on the website. I just linked into that. I am very interested in learning all I can about the constitutional role of the sheriff. I have been wanting to hold some sort of seminar/class/meeting on this subject and would love to have a live speaker. – Bev, CWA of Missouri
  • At our bi-monthly Tea Party Meeting tomorrow evening we are expecting a visit from our County Sheriff and we will be presenting him with the packet that you have provided. We can hope and pray he is on our side of this issue. – James, Missouri
  • Thank you for your email. I would be attending the Constitutional Sheriff’s Conference except my wife is having total left knee replacement on Monday. I will be her primary care giver. Pursuant to her recovery, I hope we can sit and talk – Sheriff Greg, Central Missouri
  • I have been around a very long time (Sheriff Of Saline County for 33 years) and I am very aware of not only the federal government but also my own local government and I can assure you that I always look out for my people and do not allow anything to slip up on them behind their back. – Sheriff George, Saline County

The following documents are available for you to use (click on the provided link, or the graphics at the bottom of the page):

For more information:

4 Responses to Constitutional Sheriff

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  3. David Welsh says:

    Thanks! I have sent Iowa sheriffs materials from the TAC and Sheriff Mack’s sites, but will certainly utilize your templates as well.

    Dave Welsh
    Iowa Coordinator, TAC

  4. angie says:

    I am so very glad that we finally have a candidate for sheriff that will stand up for it’s citizens. We have been in need of this for the past 28 years. Thank you Steve Anderson!!

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